Mama Nibbles: Crunchy N Yummy Snacks Review

Crunchy N Yummy Snacks Review

Recently we had the opportunity to try out a new freeze dried fruit snack that has recently come out on the market from a business called Crunchy N Yummy.  I won these in another blogger's review/giveaway so I was thrilled because I had been reading so many other reviews that made them sound fairly yummy plus the packaging is colorful and inviting.  After eating some of each fruit I could not disagree more...

I will start by saying that I am blessed with some really great taste buds, in culinary school I was complimented on my extraordinary palate by a top chef so I think I know a little bit about what I am talking about when I say don't waste your money on these.  I don't want to bash this brand at all because I think their concept is great and maybe some people will like these but they are just not something I would buy for my family.  We love to eat healthy, we eat fresh fruit every single day and I think that this product does offer some great health benefits.

There are five different fruits that they have freeze dried which I will list along with our thoughts on the taste and texture:

1. Pineapple- now who doesn't love sweet delicious pineapple? I have had it dehydrated, candied, fresh, canned and frozen...all of those were good but this freeze dried version tasted like slightly rotten fruit with no sweetness, it had a stringy cardboard-like texture.  Immediately after eating a couple pieces we all had the most awful aftertaste in our mouths, words cannot describe it...we all ran for the trash can and some water.
2. Strawberry- These were borderline okay but the flavor was just not there, it was like eating the most unripe ever eat a green one by accident while strawberry picking? yep that's the flavor!  The texture was odd, just sort of chewy and grainy with a bitter aftertaste.
3. Banana- I expected that this one would be terrible after tasting the first two but it was actually kind of good, it had a nice texture and the banana flavor was definitely there but I don't think anyone could eat more than a few because they tasted like over-ripe banana dipped in sugar.  It could be fun to put these on top of celery spread with peanut butter, that might help cut the sweetness.
4. Papaya- My daughter liked this one but the rest of us did not, it was very bland and the appearance of the pieces was slightly off-putting.  I do love papaya don't get me wrong, this just lacked that delicious papaya flavor. I guess if I was on a desert island I'd eat it but only if I was starving.
5. Mango- This one was the only one we all really liked, it has that tangy sweet mango flavor that you would expect and the texture was pretty nice.  There was no weird aftertaste and I think I could mix these in with some granola for a snack sometime.

Is there anything positive to say about these?
"At Crunchy N Yummy™, we believe in upholding a social responsibility to our consumers, farmers, and the environment. That is why we use only the highest quality organic fruits sourced from local farmers in South America and regionally packaged.  Also, the water that is removed from our fruits in the freeze-dry process is returned to our farmers for growing the next generation of delicious, fresh, and juicy fruit.
Crunchy N Yummy™ is easy to store, carry, and serve plus a nutritiously guaranteed way to provide your loved ones with a daily dose of healthy, natural fruit."  ~taken off Crunchy N Yummy's About Us page

Mama and children give this product two out of five hearts.

*I was not financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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