Mama Nibbles: Eleven Guilty Pleasures You Shouldn't Feel Guilty For

Eleven Guilty Pleasures You Shouldn't Feel Guilty For

Every day is filled to the brim with activities for my three energized children and as a parent it's nice to kick back and relax once in a blue moon, otherwise one might go crazy.  I'm sure any mom could say the same no matter how many children you have.  Keeping the kids occupied during the summer is a constant responsibility.  I'm sure there are still bits of glitter clinging to kitchen table legs, a few petrified chunks of playdough in a forgotten corner of your home somewhere and a huge pile of sandy towels in the back of the car. 

Have you ever been washing dishes only to discover yourself mindlessly humming the tune to Dora the Explorer's "I'm the Map" song for the thirteenth time that day or suddenly realize you forgot to put the wet laundry into the dryer the night before and you will have to wash them all over again because they are stinky but there is enough dirty laundry waiting in a pile that it will take days to catch up?  Have you ever had a moment where you almost forgot your own name because all you hear is "mommy!" all day?  Let all that go and pick something from this list and DO it!  Don't feel guilty in the least, your poor tired self deserves a bit of pampering.  So either wait until the kids are in bed or find someone to watch the kids for an hour or two and get your relax on.

1. Chocolate- when all else fails find a chocolate chip to suck on, it really does calm the nerves
2. Sleep in- ask your partner to man the bat cave in the morning then get ready to get your sleep on
3. Find a local beauty school near you and schedule a cheap pedicure, it feels great to walk around with a fresh pair of feet on and the schools are low cost so anyone can indulge
4. Make a fresh fruit smoothie (there are great freezer kits out there in the grocery store), not only will this give you some added energy for the day it is good for you and tasty too
5. Read a good book, ask around if any friends have a good book you can borrow...forget those dishes for the night and just snuggle up with your book
6. Take a hot shower so long that your fingers wrinkle and then smooth on your favorite lotion, trust me I never can do this one enough
7. Have a glass of your favorite wine, mine is currently moscato asti...yummy
8. Take a nice bike ride all alone, don't forget your helmet lol
9. Find a pottery place to paint at, there is bound to be one nearby. I recently did this one and the quiet soothed my soul, it was nice to think about absolutely nothing except being creative with my pottery
10.  Sing some online karaoke, there are plenty of free sites online that host thousands of songs. Just find yourself a favorite song and sing!  You don't have to save the recording if you don't want to but it sure does feel good to belt out your secretly fave Lady Gaga song after the kids have all gone to bed lol.
11. Deep condition your tired hair. I like to use my favorite conditioner, slather a big glop of it into my damp hair and then wrap my head in saran wrap and let it sit for around 15-20 minutes then rinse.  It makes my hair extra shiny and full of body.

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