Mama Nibbles: How to Get High Value Coupons for Free

How to Get High Value Coupons for Free

I started seriously using coupons January of 2011.  I used to use them once in a while but I had no idea how to maximize my savings back then and the small amount I did save was not very motivating to keep clipping so I did not always stick with it.  So now I am hooked on savings and  I am talking serious couponing where I only purchase sale items at their lowest prices with the highest value coupon I can get my hands on and I stock up on at least 4 of that item.  I've done well, very well and our family has built up a small stockpile that constantly rotates to last up to 3 months plus we have gotten to donate more this year to charity than we ever have in our entire lives combined.  Our family has been through lean times, my husband had two strokes when our 7 year old daughter was a baby and another just a couple years ago, he has lost a job or two due to lay offs and it's been tough getting to our feet so I know how important it is so save money and spend it wisely.  I know what it feels like to have nothing, thanks to using coupons properly we will never have to feel that way again. I love sharing my coupon knowledge with everyone!

Let's fix that grocery budget! 

Since January I have been writing companies compliments (some criticisms) on their products and in turn they have snail mailed or even emailed me coupons that are either higher value than your normal from the paper coupon and even some have been for completely free items.  This coming week I encourage you to take 10 minutes and email just five companies.  Results will vary greatly, some companies that have mailed me freebies have mailed other people "cents off" coupons so don't expect to receive the same results.  Since January 2011 I have gotten $524.55 worth of coupons that vary from freebies to cents off for products we love to use and all it took was 10 minutes a week.  I'd say that is definitely worth it! Just locate each website's "Contact Us" section, sometimes it can be hidden so look hard.

What do I write?
My letters always start with a personal greeting and then I tell them my name and family size.  I like to write something personal such as a memory I associate with their product or how we use a particular item.  Another thing you will want to make mention of in your letter is how much you enjoy their product and which item is your favorite.  The next thing is to make sure you include your personal contact info if there is no form to fill out, that way they do not have to try to reply just to get that information from you.  Lastly I like to end my letter in a sincere way thanking them for their time and then it is ready to send.

Five companies you should write this week
Lance Bakery
Bar S
Amy's Kitchen

*I did not receive any financial compensation for this post, opinions are strictly my own. Companies that are listed have no affiliation with Mama-Nibbles in any way.*

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