Mama Nibbles: Live Green - #Recycle

Live Green - #Recycle

Do you know how many times aluminum can be recycled, why pizza boxes cannot be recycled or how much wood pulp was in a diaper in the 1960's?  Want to get amazing coupons for free for products that are better for our mother Earth?  All this and more can be found at Recyclebank.

"Who is Recyclebank?

We’re a group of passionate people that believes…

An individual has the power to change the world. A united community is more powerful than the sum of its parts. The world is at its best when none of its elements go to waste. More importantly, we’re a group of passionate people that makes these things happen every day. And it’s all through one pretty simple approach: You take small actions. We give you everyday rewards. The world gets greener." ~Recyclebank

Here’s your chance to earn points while you learn how to make your next getaway a green one! You might even win some fabulous prizes, like a cruise around The Galapagos Islands or a trip to the Four Seasons Resort in Costa Rica!
Visit the Green Your Vacation page and explore the suitcases. You’ll earn Recyclebank Points by clicking the different icons and taking pledges, answering quizzes and learning how you can Green Your Vacation.
You travel with your friends, so invite them to take the contest too and you’ll get even more chances to win! The contest is going on now and new suitcases will be opening through the end of July, so check back often.

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