Mama Nibbles: Quick Tip of the Week - Freezing Your Berries

Quick Tip of the Week - Freezing Your Berries

Monday is here and it will be a gorgeous day here in West Michigan.  Right now the temp is 73 but I heard the high will be 85 degrees which sounds wonderful to me!  I am thinking today is going to be a beach day for my family.  This summer we have been to the beach a ton and I owe a lot of thanks to the wonderful beach umbrella we purchased, it just sticks into the sand and gives us all the shade we need to stay cool and with the baby that is key.  What do you bring to the beach to make it more enjoyable?

Now on to the tip of the week!

Each Monday I will be posting a quick tip that I have up my sleeve, something useful that saves time or money.  This week is about freezing your berries.
We either pick them ourselves or buy a ton of berries from the farmer's market so our fridge is never lacking of berries.  Sometimes I buy too much and we cannot finish them all so my easy trick is to freeze them, but not just any old way!

I cover cookie sheets with tinfoil, shiny side up, and then spread my washed and thoroughly air dried berries on it then off it goes into the freezer for an overnight stay.  In the morning I just pull the sheet out, let it sit for like 1 minute and then give the tinfoil a shake and pour my fruits right into a freezer bag or container of choice.  The reason for spreading them out is so that they do not turn into a solid, mushy lump.  This method makes it easy to pull a few out and throw right onto my yogurt in the morning or give to the kids as a snack when it is hot out.  I freeze as many fresh local berries as I can get my hands on, we love to eat them all year long.

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