Mama Nibbles: Razbaby Innovative Baby Products Teether Review

Razbaby Innovative Baby Products Teether Review

My cutie pie Keller chewing his Razbaby Teether

A few months ago I needed to run into Walgreen's for some milk and I decided to browse around in the baby isle for a quick moment.  I noticed this bright blue pacifier thing made by Razbaby that looked like it had a raspberry on the tip so I grabbed it and threw it into my basket because it looked really cool.  Keller had his first two bottom teeth popping through when he was 2 months old, yes you heard that right!  I was nursing him and it was rough dealing with teeth at such a young age.  Keller sprouted all eight of his new front teeth by the time he was five months old, yikes!  Luckily he teethed very easily and was not a crabby baby at all, in fact I think I have been blessed with the most happy and relaxed baby ever!  I don't remember it being so easy with our other two children but I sure am not going to complain.
So back to the Razbaby Teether...Keller loves to chew on this thing all the time, we even take it in the car on longer trips to keep him happy.  I think that Razbaby is definitely a great tool for helping your baby to cut teeth.  Babies love to chomp and chew when those teeth are coming in, it soothes their gums.  These days I am a mommy that is very conscious of what my children are putting into their mouths.  Razbaby Teethers are BPA free and made of all silicone in one piece so there is nothing that can come apart and be a possible choking hazard, no unknown liquid inside that could leak and it is so easy for me to pop this into my dishwasher to sanitize it when he has been chewing on it for a few days in a row with hair and fuzz from the rug stuck all over it LOL.  We really love our Razbaby Teether, I sure am glad I grabbed it on a whim one day.

Are Razbaby Teethers safe and earth friendly?
While the jury is out about whether or not silicone is really completely safe or not (thanks to a lack of testing and research) I do know that silicone is touted as a great alternative to plastic, which most often contains phthalates, known endocrine disruptors and suspects in breast and prostate cancer.  If I had to choose between the two, I’d choose silicone.  Silicone ages very well, it can last much longer than plastic. The only drawback is that you cannot recycle it and it is not biodegradable.  I would rather my baby chew on silicone than plastic.

I paid $4.49 for my Razbaby Teether, prices will vary by store.  Go to Razbaby for a list of stores that carry this in your area.

Please check out the Razbaby website for more exciting items for you and baby to enjoy! -->>

Baby and I give this item five out of five hearts!

*I was not financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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