Mama Nibbles: Millies Place Etsy Shop Bakery Review

Millies Place Etsy Shop Bakery Review

Millies Place Lemon Glazed Shortbread Cookies
     Have a party coming up or need a Christmas gift idea?  I recently had the opportunity to sample some baked goods from Millies Place on  Millies Place is owned by the sweetest lady named Donna and her delicious creations are only made from the best ingredients such as real butter and cream.  When our package arrived everything was so carefully wrapped and in pretty white boxes.  We tried the following items:

Lemon Filled Cupcake

The Lemon Filled Cupcake was so moist, the lemon flavor was perfect and the frosting was so rich and satisfying.  I could have seriously eaten several of these in a row lol.  Donna uses buttermilk and butter in her special recipe.  This was my personal favorite.

Boston Cream Pie Truffles

The inside of the Boston Cream Pie Truffles was so creamy and the chocolate coating melted in my mouth.  I have never had a truffle quite like these, they were amazing.  Brides: these would be a great favor to give to your wedding guests!

Ice Cream Cookie Cones

The Gingerbread Ice Cream Cones were the kids favorite, they are so creative and tasty!  These would make for a fun party favor, each cone comes packaged in its own cellophane wrapper.  How perfect for a little gift to make someone feel special or to send to school for your child's birthday.

Gingerbread Kids

These Gingerbread Kids are soft and delicious, just the right amount of sugar and spice and so colorful.  Not just for the holidays, kids love these!  Millies Place also carries minis.

Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes

Made with real butter and buttermilk, the Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes are just what the doctor ordered lol.  The chocolate icing satisfied my chocolate craving and the creamy homemade vanilla pudding center made me want more! 

Donna agreed to an interview so we can all learn a little bit more about her business, thanks Donna!  Here are her responses:

Mama-Nibbles:  What is your favorite of your handmade items and why?

Donna from Millies Place:  My favorite is usually what I just baked!  Then I have an order for something I haven't made in awhile such as the ginger cookie dough truffles and I realize that it could be one of my favorites too.  In reality, my very favorites are the ginger whoopie pies and the chocolate cookie sandwiches filled with coconut frosting and then dipped in chocolate.  Oh, and the coconut cupcakes.

Mama-Nibbles:  What inspires you?

Donna from Millies Place:  I enjoy watching the cooking channels. I watch them and say, I can make that.  Then I do and put them in my shop.

Mama-Nibbles:  What are 3 tools in your work space that you couldn't live without?

Donna from Millies Place:  One is my electric mixer.  I have burnt out 3 of them.  The 2nd would be my favorite mixing bowls.  The 3rd would be my sewing machine and serger.

Mama-Nibbles:  What do you enjoy doing when you are not baking or sewing?

Donna from Millies Place:  I enjoy my family and friends.  I especially enjoy it when I get invited over to their home and I don't have to cook!

Mama-Nibbles:  How did you come up with your store name?

Donna from Millies Place:  When I first started I wanted something that related to sewing.  But I also realized that eventually I wanted to get my license so that I could sell my baked goods.
I looked at my cat and realized that I liked her name so I decided to call my shop, "Millies Place."

Mama-Nibbles:  How did you get started in your handmade business?

Donna from Millies Place:  I have been sewing since I was in grade school when I made an apron.  I also took cooking in school.  I loved doing both.  I got a sewing machine when I was either 9 or 10. I made my prom dress and my wedding dress.
I remember baking chocolate chip cookies when I was probably 13 or 14.  My daughter told me about Etsy so I thought that I would give it a try.  I started by making grocery bag holders from vintage tablecloths and preemie baby clothes.  I also wanted to sell baked goods.  So while I was waiting to get my NH Baking License I started baking and taking pictures and writing descriptions so that I would be ready to start selling when I did receive my license.
The hardest part was figuring out how much the ingredients cost and coming up with a fair price.  It also took time to figure out the best way to package everything and where to buy the supplies.  I must say, everyone that I contacted on Etsy for information on how they package things and where to buy supplies were very helpful.  All in all, I think my shop is doing pretty good!  Recently 2 Brides ordered the Boston Cream Pie Truffles for their weddings.  One for her dessert table and the other ordered them in individual truffle boxes to give to her wedding guests.

Find Millies Place on Etsy!  Check out her other amazing goodies such as her coconut cupcakes (pictured below) and vintage goods that are for sale:
Use the code "LEMON" to get 10% off on your Millies Place purchase now through Sept. 30th 2011!

Coconut Cupcakes with Coconut-white Chocolate Frosting

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