Mama Nibbles: Quick Tip of the Week - Leftover Cereal

Quick Tip of the Week - Leftover Cereal

Mom's Crazy Cereal Mix!

We go through a lot of breakfast cereal, I mean a lot!  Our whole family eats it for snacks, I make lots of interesting recipes that involve cereal and obviously we all eat it for breakfast in the morning.  There is only one problem, we get left with a little bit in the bottom of every box that is never enough for a whole bowl and noone seems to want to eat it LOL.  I came up with an interesting way to keep that extra bit of reject cereal from going to waste a few years back and it has worked really well ever since.  The kids call it "Mom's Crazy Cereal Mix" and rightly so because every month it is completely different.  Honestly it always tastes really good and it sure does get that last little annoying bit eaten up which saves us money.  The container pictured is the perfect type, something they can pour from with a flip top plus it has a cute scoop in case they want to use that too.  I highly recommend trying this, just pour the leftovers in and let the kids shake it up.


  1. Love this tip; and love the container. We also go through a LOT of cereal.. thanks for sharing

  2. OMG - we're out of control on the cereal over here. I try to buy it when it goes on sale for the food storage, but we're always sneaking down there to eat it! This is a great tip if I can ever have leftovers LOL

    Thanks for following, now following back so I don't miss any of the good stuff.
    Jen Greyson | Author


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