Mama Nibbles: Quick Tip of the Week – Shinier Hair

Quick Tip of the Week – Shinier Hair

I absolutely torture my poor hair every day.  From blow drying, curling, flat iron, pony tails, baby spit up (lol) and forgetting to condition because I am always short on time.  My big secret to shiny hair?  I rinse with cold water after washing.  Basically after washing in the shower I will just tilt my head back, crank the water to freezing and give my head the shock of it’s life LOL.
The cold water closes the hair follicle thus making it smoother and shinier.  People ask me all the time how I have such healthy looking hair and I thought it was my shampoo and conditioner until I switched brands and stopped doing my usual cold rinse.  The week that I didn’t rinse with cold was a very bad hair week indeed.  I hope this crazy tip helps your hair look shinier and if nothing else wakes you up in the shower.
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