Mama Nibbles: 30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 1 2 3 4 - Introducing Myself

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 1 2 3 4 - Introducing Myself

Over at Katie's Journey I discovered a great way to slow down and let everyone know a little bit about myself.  The 30 Day Challenge is a fun way to take a small break and just blog.  There are 30 days for the 30 days that are in September and since I am a bit behind I will blog the first 4 days here in this post.  I hope you will join me, you can link up every day with Katie's blog.  Just click her button.

Day 1: Introduce Yourself

     My name is Heidi and I am going to turn 30 this month, sort of happy about it but not excited lol.  I don't mind getting older, I think it brings about new possibilities and exciting benefits but then there is also the downside of wrinkles, sags and such.  I just absolutely love life and I savor every moment of it.

     I have earned about half of my credits earned for my associates in Culinary Management.  I took classes a couple years ago at our local college, they have one of the best culinary programs in the nation.  I really hope I get to go back and finish what I started.  I really enjoy cooking, baking and everything that has to do with food service.

     Things I enjoy include but are not limited to: Sewing, painting, drawing, singing, crafting, scrapbooking, cooking, baking, organizing, couponing, bike riding, blogging, hanging out with friends, playing with my children, going on dates with my husband, being outside...


Day 2: Tell us about your blog


     My blog was started simply for me to have a place to post my gluten free recipes that I created.  I was gluten free for a couple years and just recently have stopped being 100% GF.  I have always wanted to do a mommy review blog so one day I just wrote a review and have not looked back since.  I have used a ton of products over the past 7 almost 8 years of having children and I always wished I could have somewhere to voice my opinions.  I never could have imagined how much traffic I would get here once I switched it into high gear and actually started doing reviews and coupon posts.  The response has been wonderful and very encouraging.  I am not much of a writer, in fact I never understood most of what my english class teachers were talking about but here I am, writing lol.  You don't have to get a journalism major to write a blog, that it the beauty of it.

Day 3: Tell us about your job

     My job is a good one.  I get to take care of my children day in and out and who could ask for better "employment".  I do all the lovely housekeeping chores, cleaning, dishes, laundry and more.  I am a weird sanitizing and organizational type person, everything has to be just so.  I'm sure my kids will have weird habits once they are older that they learned from me lol, what are moms for!  When I was in preschool I always wanted to be a soldier in the army.  I almost made it into the Army National Guard about 10 years ago but then my hubby met me (again) and we fell in love...we got married and the rest is history.  We actually went to highschool together, dated for like 2 weeks and then I broke it off lol.  So I guess you could say we were kinda highschool sweethearts.


Day 4: Tell us about your family

     I am married and have been for what will be 9 years this December.  We have three gorgeous children that I have the privilege of staying home with to raise.  Our youngest just turned 1 in August and he is the happiest, easiest most carefree baby in the world!  Our next oldest is our 5 year old son, he will be 6 in October and he brings a smile to my face every single day.  Our Oldest is our 7 year old daughter, she will be 8 in January and she has always been the princess of the family since she was the very 1st grandchild on both sides.

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