Mama Nibbles: 30 Day Blog Challenge Days 22-29

30 Day Blog Challenge Days 22-29

30 day blog challenge hop is hosted by Katie's Journey

Day 22: Share about your hobbies:
I love to scrapbook, I do really elaborate designs and go all out with paper and stickers lol.  I have sewn since I was in like 2nd grade, I love sewing my daughter clothing and I used to design and sew boutique quality clothing to sell on ebay.  I have a lot of tricks of my sleeve but those two are my faves.  My most favorite hobby was karaoke on myspace but they have since fazed that out, I miss it.

Day 23: Favorite blog hop that you participate in:
This is the only one I am participating in coming up and of course this challenge.  I don't really have any favorites.
Under The Tree - Giveaway Event

Day 24: Favorite places to shop:
Goodwill, I don't really shop lol I bargain hunt!  If I have money to spend I love Crazy 8 and Gymboree for the kids.

Day 25: Put your iPod on shuffle and share the first 10 songs:
I don't have one but if I did there would be a mix of everything on there, I like it all.

Day 26: Best concert you have been to:
The Wallflowers?? I can't remember!

Day 27: 3 wishes:
-to magically lose weight overnight
-to be able to give my children everything they want
-to have my kitchen done already, it's been over a year ripped up and I am DONE lol

Day 28: Favorite books:
I don't really read

Day 29: 3 things you cannot live without:
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