Mama Nibbles: Earth Day Recycled Teacher Survival Kit Gift

Earth Day Recycled Teacher Survival Kit Gift

Recycled Gift Cans

Recycled Gift Cans

With the help of the kids I decorated a couple of old baby cereal canisters.  Basically I washed them out with super hot water once they were empty I let them dry in the sun thoroughly.  I keep a little stash of containers in my kitchen cabinet under the sink because the possibilities are endless as to what they can be turned into.  I love pulling out items to reuse for crafting, especially on a rainy day in with the kiddos.

I have a huge grab bag full of old scrapbooking scraps, glue, ribbons and stickers.  This was the perfect opportunity to use some of them up.  I save everything that is useable from my scrapbooking because I know that I can make use of every last scrap.  For one gift can we used a dog sticker because I know the teacher loves dogs.  For the other I used plaid with reds and blues because that teacher loved all things preppy, plaid seems preppy to me.

I filled each recycled gift can with items I had collected over the last month when shopping.  This included instant coffee packs, lotion, minty gum, Dove chocolate, tissues, bandages, permanent markers, travel size Advil bottle and more.  For the words I used some press and stick letters.  These will also include a small note inside thanking each teacher for all their hard work. It's always the right time to show someone that you care.  Teachers Day is May 7th after all!

I hope you can get some inspiration and make one too.  No matter what time of year it may be our teachers deserve to know that they are being thought of!  You could certainly make one of these for the van or car.  They can be the perfect personalized gift depending on what you fill them with.  I plan to make these again for our teachers at the end of the year only with larger oatmeal cans.  I'll share those soon!
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