Mama Nibbles: Custom Made Nap Mat Review - Perfect for Daycare or Anywhere

Custom Made Nap Mat Review - Perfect for Daycare or Anywhere

     Today I am reviewing a custom made napping mat from and this review is picture heavy because we just loved it!  When my custom Nap Mat arrived I was pleased to see the care that was taken to package it and the shipping was fast!  The mat came inside a big plastic bag to keep it safe on its journey.  I opened it up and immediately could tell that this was a high quality product, the stitching was exceptional.  I am a sewer myself and so I notice such things.  The better the stitching the longer an item will last and these are made to last for sure.  

     Great care has been taken in the design, it is just so ingenious!  The way the whole mat rolls up is so simple that even my 5 year old son could handle rolling it up and securing it himself.  As soon as I got it out of the pretty bag I immediately peeled the velcro tabs open and unrolled it into the floor to look it over.  The fleece blanket that is attached is so soft and very thick, it is attached very well.  Inside there is a soft kindermat that is covered in vinyl so you can just wipe it off if ever there is an accidental spill.  In fact the whole nap mat sans the kindermat inside can be tossed right into the washing machine!  Inside the top sleeve is the pillow, it is soft and squishy and perfect for resting.  The sleeve it slides into secures it so there will be no sliding around while your child is slumbering.  The pillow can be slipped out for easy washing or replacement.  The handle on the top makes it simple to carry wherever you need it.  Personally I would suggest (for the 1st washing) using 2 cups white vinegar in the wash with the cover, this helps to set the color and it softens it with no lasting scent.  Sometimes softeners can ruin fabric, vinegar will help you get a longer life from your cover.

      All three of my children tried the Nap Mat out and it worked wonderfully for each of them, the mat and blanket are plenty long enough for even my almost 8 year old daughter and she is on the tall end.  My 12 month old son loved it, he immediately smiled when I tucked him in and he was all ready for his little nap.  Our middle son who is 5 years slid under the blanket and proclaimed that this was the best napping place ever!  Shh don't tell the kids but I just had to try it out too and I must agree, it is wonderful.  The cotton breathes, the pad is soft and the pillow and blanket make it feel similar to a bed. 

Each nap mat cover is Custom Made using two cotton or poly/cotton fabrics and coordinating attached fleece blanket.  The pillow and original kindermat are included. Machine Washable! Each custom mat is lovingly made and will last and last, this is something you can pass down.  Take your Nap Mats on vacation, to daycare, school, slumber parties, grandma's house, church and more.  Have a budget?  Check out all three versions, there is certainly one for every type of budget.

You're going to LOVE it!

Basic-No Frills! Simple, but effective.
The Basic kindermat cover will
work with the 5/8", 1" or 2" thick
The cover encases the mat
(like a pillowcase) with velcro
tabs inside the hem to keep the
mat from slipping out.  19" x 44" 
kindermat not included.
To see all the Basic
kindermat covers,
click here.

Designer-The comfort of an attached
pillow and easy-carry handles
make the Designer napmats a
hit with little ones...with room
inside to store our gorgeous
coordinating blankies....
Comes with a 1" thick mat. 19" x 44"
To see all the
Designer kindermat
click here.

Custom-The Crown Jewel. The Custom
napmats have everything you
need for a nap...attached. No lost
blankies, no excuses! Made extra
long to accommodate taller
children. Comes with the 5/8"
basic kindermat and can easily
work with the 1" thick mat (add$4).  19" x 58"
To see all the Custom kindermat
click here. has much more than these amazing nap mats, check it out for yourself!

Why do you need a Nap Mat?

Check back often!  A lot of styles sell out fast but they get replenished often so keep checking back!  The style we tried out is called Blue Tangles.

 Disclosure: Special thanks to Nap Mat  for providing me with a sample to review..  I did not receive monetary compensation for this review. I was sent the product(s) free of charge.  It has been used solely for the purpose of this honest review.  The views are strictly 100% my own. Receiving the product did not influence me to produce a positive review.
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