Mama Nibbles: Fall Art Project - A Colorful Tree to Remember

Fall Art Project - A Colorful Tree to Remember

I saw this fun art project in a photo posted online somewhere, I thought it was so cute so I made a mental note of it to try with my children.  Fall is my most favorite season of all, the crisp air and all that comes along with it is so relaxing.

1st- we used an old bubble mailer to squirt the brown paint onto, this makes the tree trunk and also captures the size of your child's hand.  Just tell them to smash their whole wrist and hand into that paint, don't be afraid to be messy!
2nd- we carefully laid our arm and hand down, being sure to spread our fingers apart to make the branches.  Let this dry for a while before doing the rest.
3rd- we picked out some favorite fall colors and dipped our fingertips in, dotted it all over for the leaves of our trees.  There is no special way to do this, just be creative.
4th- make dots for however old your child is as the falling leaves, take a marker and draw motion lines.
5th- make a squirrel with a few fingerprints then use a brush for the tail and eye, add flowers and grass if you wish.  Viola!  Now you have a priceless work of art to enjoy all season long. 

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