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     Since Swagbucks began, I've been a member.  I remember when I first started, I seriously was just waiting for it to end up being a scam but it never turned out to be and it really surprised me!  I ended up referring a ton of people and earning a lot of freebies.  My favorite reward was the Amazon gift card which back when they first started was 45 SBs.  Now they just changed the value of the swag buck so that the points can be more spread out and they are 450 SBs, still the same though!  
     So anywho, not many people know this but my husband and I won a Baja cruise on there!  We got to take the Rock The Soap Baja Mexico cruise and wow was it amazing.  I think I entered with every single swagbuck I had.  This was before you could get the bulk entries with just one click.  I literally sat there for hours, clicking in each entry until my hands were swollen and my eyes felt like they might dry up and crack.  LOL it was worth it though because we ended up winning and had the adventure of a lifetime!  We don't watch soaps on tv, never have and probably never will but we got to rub elbows with some of the sweetest celebs from those daytime shows, we will never forget it.  
     If you have never been on the cruise I highly suggest you put it on your bucket list, it is so pampering.  We never paid a cent for anything, it was all inclusive including food.  We would literally order anything at all from our room and they would deliver it, we could walk around the many different buffets and just grab whatever!  There was live entertainment, shows, contests, music, swimming, off the ship events once we docked and more.  Hehe it was SO much fun, we will never forget it!  I just had to share this because I get so excited about Swagbucks and people wonder why.  You can seriously win some amazing stuff on there!

Here is the official Swagbucks blog post about our win:
and then the post after we attended the cruise event:

So what are you waiting for?!  Sign up now and perhaps one day YOU will win something HUGE!

Here is my referral link to sign up under:

Just a few pics to share from our trip...ahhh the memories are still so fresh and I hope we get to do something like that again someday!


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