Mama Nibbles: HALO ComfortLuxe 2 Piece Advanced Comfort Flannel Sleepwear Set Review & Giveaway Ends 11/06 - Holiday Gift Idea

HALO ComfortLuxe 2 Piece Advanced Comfort Flannel Sleepwear Set Review & Giveaway Ends 11/06 - Holiday Gift Idea

About ComfortLuxe™ Sleepwear
HALO® ComfortLuxe™ helps little ones with sensitive skin stay comfortable.  This innovative
fabric outperforms cotton by wicking away moisture and regulating your little one’s
temperature. It’s breathable, it dries twice as fast as cotton and most of all it is comfortable. In
fact, ComfortLuxe™ Sleepwear is the only sleepwear to be awarded the Seal of Acceptance
from the National Eczema Association. With ComfortLuxe, little ones stay cooler when it’s
warm and warmer when it’s cool, for healthier skin and more comfortable sleep.
ComfortLuxe Sleepwear is available for newborns to children size 4T in the following styles:
ComfortLuxe™ Base Layer, coverall and two piece set.  The two piece set is available in two
lightweight fabric styles: Silky (smooth texture) and flannel‐feel (soft and fuzzy texture).  
Coverall and Base Layer are available in the ComfortLuxe Silky fabric.

ComfortLuxe Features
- it's lightweight and breathable
- it wicks moisture
- dries twice as fast as cotton
- flat interior seams
- rollover cuffs
- recommended for sensitive skin
- 100% chemical free
- keeps your little one comfy and happy
- provides relief for children with eczema or skin irritation
- keeps children warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather
- promotes healthier skin
- only article of clothing to be awarded the National Eczema Seal of Approval

What is ComfortLuxe material made of?
ComfortLuxe is made of 100% Polyester and conforms to the Standard for Flammability of Clothing Textiles under the Flammable Fabrics Act.

ComfortLuxe two-piece sets are available in Newborn 6-12 pounds, 3-6 months 12-15 pounds, 6-9 months 16-18 pounds, 12 months 19-20 pounds, 18 months 21-23 pounds, 24 months 24-28 pounds, 2T 29-31 pounds, 3T 31-34 pounds, 4T 34-38 pounds

How can it help relieve discomfort for children with eczema or sensitive skin
-The fabric’s moisture wicking properties help maintain a stable body temperature for baby which helps prevent the onset of triggers (usually heat and perspiration) which cause the itch/scratch cycle to begin among many children with eczema. 
-silky feel of the fabric is friction-free and helps reduce irritation and itching
-fabric won’t absorb topical creams and skin treatments like cotton does to help aid in the treatment of eczema
Washing/care instructions?
Machine wash cool/warm, no bleach, tumble dry low.  Wash with like colors. No ironing.

Our Halo ComfortLuxe Silky Review
My son K tried out the Halo ComfortLuxe Blue Dino Silky set.  He sweats in his sleep and is always getting these little rashes from it.  There was nothing helping it and all we wanted was for him to be able to just sleep comfortably.  He would wake up crying in the middle of the night all sweaty and crying quite often.  The night I used these he did not wake up crying, he slept the whole entire night without making a peep and I was able to put a little bit of ointment on his rash spots without it soaking into the fabric.  I am breathing a sigh of relief!  The added sleep that we are getting is much needed and after K wore these for a few nights in a row (after washing by hand each night) his little rashes went away.  I had always had him wearing cotton sleepwear because I thought it breathed the most but I was so wrong, ComfortLuxe breathes twice as much as well as wicking away the sweat!  The sizing is almost spot on.  My 14 month old is just about 27 lbs and he fit into size 2T really well but I wish the top was a bit longer since most little toddlers do have a bit of a belly. 
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