Mama Nibbles: Tommee Tippee Explora Truly Spill Proof Sippy Cups Stage 4 Review

Tommee Tippee Explora Truly Spill Proof Sippy Cups Stage 4 Review

The Tommee Tippee explora stage 4 sippy cup is recommended for age 18 months and up, my son K is 14 months but he transitioned to this sippy very easily.  Liquids flow out easily and the cup is indeed completely leak free thanks to Tommee Tippee's Advanced Flo Technology.  I just love that I can count on their special little valve to keep messes from happening.  Unlike other valves, their Active Sensor valve was designed by a physicist so that it can be both sensative enough for the liquid to flow on demand, yet trully spill proof.  The stage 4 holds 12 fl oz and has a unique cup nipple/spout that is internally hard but externally soft to be safe and durable.  This is also BPA free, dishwasher and microwave safe.  The only big con for me was not having a cover for it.  I like to keep a couple sippys in my diaper bag and I don't want any possible sand or fuzz to get into the nipple.  

"The Explora cup range is progressively staged to help children transition through all their drinking phases and needs with specific grips to fit little fingers and unique spouts to meet the needs of every age and support natural oral development." ~Tommee Tippee

$4.99 *your price may vary

Go to their website to find out more and try one of these for yourself (available at Babies R Us)!

Watch this demonstration on how to clean your Explora cups:

K gives his "ippy" 5 out of 5 hearts!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for this post.  However, I did agree to write a review in exchange for a complimentary sippy cup.   Receiving this for free in no way influenced me to write a positive review.  Special thanks to Tommee Tippee for letting me try this out and share with my readers.

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