Mama Nibbles: Nutrisystem Diet Week 1 Day 1 #nsnation

Nutrisystem Diet Week 1 Day 1 #nsnation

     Yesterday I went out and got a haircut.  I've been feeling frumpy lately and had not had a trim or cut in several months so it was definitely time!  I had 7-8 inches cut off, it feels lighter and sexier and I feel better about myself which is good because I'm about to feel even better once I lose some of this extra weight!  I figured a little boost to my self esteem would be helpful since today was my very first day on Nutrisystem.
     Last night was rough, tons of candy was all around and I took the kids around the neighborhood to Trick or Treat so they brought buckets of it home.  I ate a Tootsie Roll and after I finished it I thought to myself that it really wasn't THAT good, not so good that I needed to slowly kill myself by stuffing my face full of them.  So I caught myself and just ate the one.  I got 1 hour and 20 minutes worth of walking in at a fairly brisk pace while pushing a large stroller with my youngest 27 pound child in it.  The exercise was great!
     Today was delicious lol, seriously!  I got to eat a lot and was never hungry.  The added water made me feel energized and not lethargic like I've felt in the past.  Just eating breakfast gave me that extra skip in my step, I felt great today!  So here is what I ate today, I thought I'd share once in a while just so you can all see just how much!  Of course I drank 8 glasses of water throughout the whole day, that is important!  *Be sure to watch my short video down at the bottom of this post. 
Breakfast: 1 NS banana nut muffin, 1 Greek strawberry yogurt, 1 banana, 1/2 apple.  I loved the muffin!
Snack: 1 hard boiled egg with pepper.
Lunch: 2 cups romaine lettuce, turkey, cheese, tomato, dressing 1 NS cream of broccoli soup cup, 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce.  I have to say, the soup was decent but the broccoli stems cut up inside of it were terribly woody which made it impossible to chew so I ended up picking them out so I could just chug the rest of the soup.
Dinner: 1 NS meatloaf with mash potatoes and tomato sauce  entree, 1 cup yellow summer squash, 1 cup zucchini, 1 FlatOut flat bread with 1 tsp creamy peanut butter on it.  The dinner was pretty good, the sauce reminded me of a popular canned version of kids pasta.
Dessert: 1 delicious NS chocolate caramel bar, this was tasty!
Total Calories1320.6

                                               Date: 10/31/2011 05:00
                                                            Upper Arms: 16.0
                                                              Chest: 54.0
                                                              Waist: 57.0
                                                              Hips: 62.5
                                                             Thighs: 33.5

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