Mama Nibbles: Hartstrings Children's Clothing Review

Hartstrings Children's Clothing Review

Disclaimer: I did not receive monetary compensation for this review. I received a free gift card to purchase product as part of a promotional program with Hartstrings and MomSelect. It has been used solely for the purpose of this honest review. The views are strictly 100% my own. Receiving the product did not influence me to produce a positive review.

Hartstrings sells children's clothing that are high quality and made to last.  For those who think that they are not affordable well think again!  A friend of mine always sent my children a special outfit for the holidays from Hartstrings.  She would just rave about how amazing they were and I soon became a believer after the kids wore their clothes and they never seemed to wear out!  I always thought they were not in my budget, that these clothes were too expensive but I was so wrong.  If you plan to shop during a sale or look through their clearance you can find some amazing deals.  Another thing to think about it how well they are made, they will last and that is not something you see in many other brands.

During my fun shopping excursion I purchased three complete outfits for my three children and all for $100.xx which includes my 6% sales tax.  One hundred bucks for three absolutely gorgeous outfits, I was floored!  The best part was, I was loving these outfits, not just liking and it definitely wasn't hard to find many items to love there...I could buy the whole store if I had the money!  The clothing is gorgeous, the colors last and barely fade over time and you can be sure these will last and be able to be passed on.  I already have a small box of outgrown outfits from my oldest son that will be passed down to my littlest son and they are all Hartstrings.

The staff was super friendly at the store I shopped, they helped out in every way they could.  There was a changing room which I was really happy about.  In a lot of children's clothing stores there is nowhere designated to change in and it always bums us out when we get home from a day of shopping only to find out something does not fit right or look good on.  I dread the drive back to do a return, I simply hate having to do returns.  I would much rather know it fits when I take it out the door!

I really enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere and colorful clothing.  See those cute red and black skirt ensembles in my photo above?  I am totally eying those for Christmas, I will be going back to my local Harstrings in the near future!  There was something there for any taste for both genders and in many sizes.  The only thing I longed for was a place for the kids to sit while I shopped, I only had my daughter with me on this trip but what if I decided to take all three kids?  That would be the only thing I would change.  All in all we loved our time spent shopping at Hartstrings and I will be back.
Here are the outfits we chose...tons of pictures!  The sizes I chose were a bit big on purpose so don't mind the slightly too long sleeves and pants lol, my kids grow over night and I wanted to be prepared!  Oh and my kids are crazy sometimes hehe...thus the crawling around picture.  Who's kids aren't a little nuts at least once a day? lol  I hope you will love Hartstrings just as much as we do!

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