Mama Nibbles: Handmade Christmas Tree Ornaments with the Kids

Handmade Christmas Tree Ornaments with the Kids

      This is a simple and cheap craft you can make with the kids.  We made these to add to our Christmas gifts.  The craft sticks are jumbo craft sticks that I painted with white acrylic.  Acrylic paint is super cheap and Walmart carries it for just a couple dollars per bottle.  Once the paint dried I used my hot glue gun to attach three sticks together in the center, one on top of the other.  The end result is a snowflake like shape.  I located a stamper in my collection that was circular and Christmas themed, stamped some card stock and cut those out.  You will find a printable version of the stamp HERE.  For the hanging string I chose some gross grain ribbon and just hot glued it to the back.  Now came in the kids part...
     I laid out old magazines and cardboard on the table for the kids to sprawl all the ornaments out on.  We took regular liquid school glue and a paint brush to dab the glue onto our snowflakes.  I gathered up as many buttons as I could locate in the colors we wanted.  I also found five pack of glitter in tubes at my local dollar store.  I showed the kids how to add the buttons onto the ends and they set to work adding the colorful buttons and dabbing on glue to sprinkle with the sparkles.  After they got all those on I helped them glue on our centers.  Once they dried we just taped the ribbon end to our gifts.  These are so easy and you could really do anything you wanted for the center or add-ons.  The extra glitter all over the table, floor, and kids just adds to that special holiday feeling in the air lol.  Total cost ended up being right around .45 cents each ornament after all supplies were paid for.

Happy Crafting!

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