Mama Nibbles: Nutrisystem Diet Month 1 Complete 8lb Loss! #nsnation

Nutrisystem Diet Month 1 Complete 8lb Loss! #nsnation

     Month one was a fairly good success.  I lost 8 lbs at a rate of 2 lbs per week.  I followed my NS diet fairly well but did have a couple days where I ate other foods for one meal and a couple other where I went back to my old ways of not eating at all.  I walked pretty regularly on my treadmill and am starting to feel like I can do a bit more.  I've gotten the hang of my diet a little bit more and am rather starting to enjoy it. 
     I've been under a bit of stress for the past month.  Someone invaded our home and stole some items including my laptop.  I had not backed my stuff up for a while and lost a lot of precious photos and videos of my children, that just breaks my heart.  I am just glad we are all safe though, that is what matters and not the stuff.  I pray that God forgives this person and that we can move on with our lives as normal but I plan to be more cautious and we are installing a security system as well as cameras so we can be better protected.  I even found my old chef knife etching tool and scratched our name into everything we own lol, no one is going to want to buy (if the thief is trying to sell) our stuff once they see it all scratched up with our last name on it!
     As another holiday comes my way I am finding it hard to not crave all the traditional sweets and treats but I am keeping my mind focused on my task at hand and the healthier, sexier new me that is just waiting inside!  My goal for this month is to lose 4 lbs per week, I will be increasing my walking and starting a little bit of light cardio. I might just have to replace a few desserts with a vegi snack instead or small fruit.

May God bless you richly this holiday season and in the coming new year. 

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