Mama Nibbles: September 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge Days 22-29

30 day blog challenge hop is hosted by Katie's Journey

Day 22: Share about your hobbies:
I love to scrapbook, I do really elaborate designs and go all out with paper and stickers lol.  I have sewn since I was in like 2nd grade, I love sewing my daughter clothing and I used to design and sew boutique quality clothing to sell on ebay.  I have a lot of tricks of my sleeve but those two are my faves.  My most favorite hobby was karaoke on myspace but they have since fazed that out, I miss it.

Day 23: Favorite blog hop that you participate in:
This is the only one I am participating in coming up and of course this challenge.  I don't really have any favorites.
Under The Tree - Giveaway Event

Day 24: Favorite places to shop:
Goodwill, I don't really shop lol I bargain hunt!  If I have money to spend I love Crazy 8 and Gymboree for the kids.

Day 25: Put your iPod on shuffle and share the first 10 songs:
I don't have one but if I did there would be a mix of everything on there, I like it all.

Day 26: Best concert you have been to:
The Wallflowers?? I can't remember!

Day 27: 3 wishes:
-to magically lose weight overnight
-to be able to give my children everything they want
-to have my kitchen done already, it's been over a year ripped up and I am DONE lol

Day 28: Favorite books:
I don't really read

Day 29: 3 things you cannot live without:

Winner for the MyBlogSpark Gold Medal Flour Prize is...


Entry #140 Robert P.
You have won:
A VIP coupon for a sample of Gold Medal White Whole Wheat flour, Instructions for conversion, Cookie Jar, and Recipe Cards.

I've emailed you and you will have 48 hours to respond.  Thanks!

Thank you to everyone that has entered, check out my giveaway tab for more exciting giveaways!

Cakes Suzette Review - Mallowmore's, Bacon Brittle and Cake O's - A Bazillion Calories of Goodness

Mallomore, Cake O's, Chocolate Bacon Brittle - All packaged so pretty.

Cake O's so pretty and delicious looking aren't they?
      If you are going to do a "bazillion" calories these are the way to go!  Have you ever had a cake pop?  Well forget those, these are so much better and so much different.  I've had cake pops and they have been hard, dry and just not very exciting.
     Cakes Suzette starts with their own homemade cake recipes using real ingredients like buttermilk and fresh lemons, their own frostings and turns it into something extraordinary.  Cake O’s are delicious molded cakes with homemade flavors about 1 1/2" in diameter that are blended with icing and then dipped in a rich and creamy chocolate coating.  Best served chilled and that is just how we enjoyed them.
     Enrobed in a luxurious, creamy coating of chocolate that crunches as you take a bite.  Cake O's are soft inside, moist and so flavorful.  There are 10 flavors to choose from: brownie, carrot cake, strawberry, red velvet, chocolate mint, chocolate peanut butter, vanilla chocolate, mocha, coconut and lemon.  I must say that lemon was my most favorite, it had a freshness to it that pleased me.  My husband's favorite was the chocolate peanut butter.  I think most guys love peanut butter and chocolate so just think of a guy on your Christmas list and jot these down!  I bet they will thank you over and over again once they have tried them.  Each O is large enough to satisfy one person, they are about 4-5 bites each.
     If you are the more adventurous type Cakes Suzette makes Cocktail Cake O's.  Each cake is infused with a little extra zip of alcohol and alcohol infused frosting.

Read Cakes Suzette's FAQ here to find out more about Cake O's:
Vanilla Mallomore

     Each Mallomore is individually wrapped and I was pleasantly surprised to find them to be slightly bigger than I thought from the photos.  These were roughly 2 1/2" size cubes.  Choose from 4 great flavors made fresh to order: Traditional, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Maple Bacon and Strawberry.  The packaging protected them well from scuffs or cracks.  Mine looks cracked in the photo because it had been squished by me lol and I popped it into the microwave for 5 seconds which I highly recommend.  The effect of this is an ooey gooey and slightly soupy interior but the surrounding chocolate and marshmallow stays more firm.
     The base is a bit rustic but not too thick, it is a homemade organic graham cracker crust.  The crust is flavorful with a slight sweetness, it offsets the flavor of the marshmallow and chocolate coating perfectly.
The rich chocolate coating is creamy in texture and is finished off by a light decorative drizzle of colorful chocolate indicating which flavor you are about to enjoy.  The homemade marshmallow was lofty, spongy, moist and perfectly sweet with the right amount of flavor.  We tried the traditional vanilla and strawberry.  There is a sprinkle of large sugar crystals on top which provides a distinct crunch.  The effect of it all is great and if I were the adventurous type I would have tried to fit the whole thing in my mouth at once!  I am a nibble nibble type though so I slowly savored every bit.  
Last but certainly not least I got to sample their Chocolate Covered Bacon Peanut Brittle.  Bacon, did I say bacon?!  Yes!!  Cakes Suzette uses a locally sourced bacon in their homemade brittle.  This delightfully unexpected confection is a magical combo of sweet, salty and savory.  Your brittle will come packaged in a clear little tote so you can take it anywhere.  This was my husband's favorite, I practically had to wrestle it out of his hands to get some!  We consider ourselves bacon connoisseurs and this bacon was some of the best we have had.  Guess what?!  Cakes Suzette makes chocolate covered strips of bacon too, so if you want to skip the brittle part and get right down to the bacon, there you go. 

Hungry now?  Need to satisfy your sweet tooth and/or get someone the most excellent gift ever?

For a limited time my readers are being offered an exclusive 20% off coupon code.  Use the code MAMA20 upon checkout for your discount.

Follow Cakes Suzette on Facebook, Yelp and Twitter to stay up to date on important discounts and new products:

Mama-Nibbles gives these phenomenal bakery creations 5 out of 5 hearts!

Disclosure: Special thanks to Cakes Suzette for providing me with a sample to review..  I did not receive monetary compensation for this review. I was sent the product(s) free of charge.  It has been used solely for the purpose of this honest review.  The views are strictly 100% my own. Receiving the product did not influence me to produce a positive review.

Fall Lunch Recipe - Black Forest Ham, Sharp Cheddar and Green Apple With Red Onion Mayo Sandwich or Panini

One of my most favorite recipes for Fall!  I've made this every year now for the past four years and our whole family just loves it.  There is nothing like a crisp, fresh green apple, the tart flavor pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the red onion and the sweet smokiness of the ham.  We melt sharp cheddar all over this baby to make it stick together and of course the sharp tangy cheddar compliments all the other flavors and makes for one phenomenal sandwich.  We love these toppings on fresh french bread or on sourdough.  Serve this with a side salad and your belly will thank you.

-1 loaf of either French Bread or Sourdough sliced up
-a few pats of butter
-a grill pan, panini press or even just a regular pan (we wrap up our large cast iron pot in tin foil to press the sandwich down onto another cast iron saute pan, it works great)
-1 big green apple
-sharp cheddar slices
-sliced smoked ham or black forest ham
-1 medium red onion sliced up thin
-1 cup mayo
-fresh black pepper

1. Saute the onion in a bit of butter with a sprinkle of salt to help it sweat.  Once the onions are soft then toss them into the fridge to cool down for a bit.
2. Plop that cup of mayo into the food processor or even the blender if you don't have one, toss the cooled onions in there plus a dash of fresh black pepper and buzz it up a bit.  Put this into the fridge again to sit.
3. Slice your bread, slice the apple (really thin!), slice the cheese or be clever and buy it presliced, slice the ham if it needs slicing.
4. Get the pan hot that you will be using, take it to about a medium heat.
5. Butter one side of your bread.  I like to set it on parchment paper so it won't stick as I build it up with the toppings.
6. We always do onion mayo, ham, apple then cheese and more onion mayo.
7. Put the top slice of bread on and set it in the hot pan to sizzle, when it is golden then flip it and set your heavy pot on top to squish it a little bit.  If you have a panini press then obviously your would not do this, wish I had one!
8. Cut it in half and serve...YUM

Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil Review and Giveaway Ends October 9th @ 12:01 am EST

What is virgin coconut oil?

Well simply it's unrefined coconut oil from organic coconuts harvested from small towns in the Philippines.  Only the best coconuts are hand picked.  Thanks to the volcanic soil of Mt. Banahaw, these coconuts are come of the most nutritionally rich coconuts in the world!  They did tests in labs to prove it.  Virgin Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, a nutrient that supports the body’s immune system. Lauric acid is also found in human mother’s milk.  Dr. Mary Enig suggests the average adult include about 3.5 tablespoons of coconut oil per day in their diet to take in an equivalent amount of lauric acid that a nursing infant would receive from breast milk.

How do they make coconut oil?

Well, I was wondering this too so I read up!  First they shred the coconut meat and then they cold press it using the water from the actual coconut insides to make coconut milk.  The "milk" sits for about a day so that the oil can just naturally separate since it is heavier than water.  The oil is then filtered from the coconut solids.   No chemicals or high heat is used and this oil contains no trans fatty acids.  The oil is not mass produced, it literally comes from small families and farmers who have been handing down the traditions of coconut farming for hundreds of years.  Tropical Traditions coconut farms are certified organic according to strict USDA standards.

How is this oil Used?

Virgin coconut oil is a food, and is one of the best cooking oils you can use. It has been a staple cooking oil for thousands of years in tropical climates. As a cooking oil, its chemical structure is kept in tact and therefore is resistant to mutations of fatty acid chains even when used in higher cooking temperatures, unlike most vegetable oils. Research shows that the medium chain fatty acids found in coconut oil boosts the body’s metabolism, raises body temperatures, and helps provide greater energy which can lead to weight loss. For hundreds of tasty recipes from people who use coconut oil, visit
Smoke Point:

Coconut oilExtra Virgin (Unrefined)350°F177°C

Read more in their FAQ:

I reviewed a quart of Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil and I have come to the conclusion that I absolutely love it!  The smell is so yummy, the flavor is outstanding and cooking or baking with it produces pleasing results.  I baked up some banana nut muffins and they seemed to rise higher!  I love that what I am adding to my food is something that is so natural, so good for our bodies.  You can find some really amazing recipes for coconut oil usage on their website:  I loved their fast shipping and even greater customer service.  Tropical Traditions is a wonderful company to shop with.

How We Discovered Virgin Coconut Oil 
A video Interview with Brian Shilhavy, CEO Tropical Traditions

Hearts For Hearts Girls Doll Line and Fashion Collection From Playmates Toys Review & Giveaway Ends 10/04/2011

Changing the World One Heart at a Time! 
That is the goal of the new Hearts For Hearts Girls doll line and fashion collection from Playmates Toys. The collection features six dolls from around the world, each with an inspiring story to share.
(This post is picture heavy)

And The Winners Are...

Entry #219lisa - Winner of  3 coupons to purchase a free package of new Pillsbury Grands! Biscuit Sandwiches or Pillsbury Egg Scrambles, Doughboy Keychain, Doughboy Beanie Doll
Thank you Pillsbury!

Entry #70Jenny Ham - Winner of 2 assorted 12 packs of Picabi Juice
Thank you Picabi!

I have emailed you both and you will have 48 hours to respond. 
Thank you to everyone that entered.  Don't worry, plenty more giveaways coming up so check back often.

The Importance of Extended Rear Facing - 2011 National Child Passenger Safety Week

This past week was National Child Passenger Safety Week! My current baby passenger is Keller. He is 13 months old, 26 lbs 6 oz,  and still rear-facing.  My other two children (ages 5 and 7) are in forward facing boosters that were new last year and appropriate for their weight and ages.  Always be sure to replace your booster or car seat when it is 5 years or older, the plastic degrades over time and cannot be trusted to keep your child safe.  When I threw my old ones out we cut the straps, this is to prevent anyone else from trying to use it.
Rear-facing is THE SAFEST WAY for ANYONE to ride in a car. ESPECIALLY children under the age of 2.

Child Passenger Safety Week is celebrated every year to remind parents and other caregivers of the need to keep children of all ages properly restrained in the seat that meets their weight and height requirements.
  • Children grow at different rates and restraints should be checked frequently to ensure safety.
  • Families are urged to have their child seat checked to be sure they are using the right restraint: a car seat, booster seat or seat belt. When it comes to the safety of a child, there is no room for mistakes.
  • To make sure you are securing your children correctly, find a safety seat checkup event near you. Parents and caregivers should follow a few basic guidelines to determine which restraint system is best suited to protect their children in a vehicle:

Top Child Passenger Safety Tips

  • For the best possible protection keep infants in a back seat, in rear-facing child safety seats, as long as possible—up to the height or weight limit of the particular seat. Never turn a child forward-facing before age 1 and at least 20 pounds, although keeping kids rear-facing until at least age 2 is safer and preferred if the seat allows.
  • When children outgrow their rear-facing seats, they should ride in forward-facing child safety seats, in a back seat, until they reach the upper weight or height limit of the particular harnessed seat. Many newer seats exceed the old 40 pound weight limit.
  • Once children outgrow their forward-facing seats, they should ride in booster seats, in a back seat, until the vehicle seat belts fit properly.
  • Seat belts fit properly when the lap belt lays across the upper thighs and the shoulder belt rests on the shoulder or collar bone (usually when the child is between 8 and 12 years old, approximately 4’9” tall and 80 to 100 pounds).

Read more info on car seat safety, especially as cold weather approaches:

Fun Educational Giveaways I Found Surfing the Web

Here is a little list of some educational giveaways I found while surfing the web and I hope some of you will enter and win something for your little students!

1. Water Rolls Uphill: Math Blaster Giveaway
2. Sweet Phenomena: Mega Homeschool Giveaway
3. Christian Clippers: Educational Insights
4. 5 Minutes for Mom: Bailey Book
5. Parent at the Helm: Earn it, Learn it Book

30 Day Blog Challenge Days 19-21

Day 19: Share your nicknames:
Heidums is what I've been called since highschool, my husband calls me Babygirl.

Day 20: Picture of Yourself:
I never wear makeup so I decided to make this black and white to hide that lol
webcam picture of myself a couple days ago
Day 21: Something that stresses you out:
A messy home stresses me.  There is just nothing relaxing about having things a mess but they always are lol so apparently I am stressed a lot.

Giveaway Winners

Entry #31Anna Galanos  
won a handcrafted rattle ball from Dandelion Earth Friendly Goods!


Entry #9Cindi Hoppes
won a prize pack from Betty Crocker for their new milk chocolate brownies!

Stay tuned for more fun giveaways and don't forget to tell your friends and family! 

New Gold Medal® White Whole Wheat Flour Review & Giveaway

Gold Medal sent me what you see in the photo in hopes that I might blog about it and of course I was impressed so I am!  The flour is amazing and I loved making the kids some zucchini cupcakes with it.  Sorry no photos because our family devoured it before I remembered to grab the camera!  Our cupcakes turned out light and fluffy but moist.  The flavors almost popped because this flour has such a mild flavor to it so it does not mask the ingredients.  The flour/cookie jar is very nice and I love it.  I can't wait to bake some cookies and fill it up!  The stack of recipe cards is wonderful, a welcome addition to my ever growing recipe box.  You too can win this amazing prize pack!

30 Day Blog Challenge - a bit behind hehe

Did I fall behind a little?!  Um let's try way over a week behind lol.  I get so busy and wrapped up in every single day and all it holds that sometimes I forget things.  The 30 day challenge was pretty low on the totum pole I have to admit BUT here I am catching back up.  I will probably fall behind again but I kind of think it is easier just to do one big post anyhow.  So here are day #'s 9 thought 18 in the Katie's Journey 30 Day Blog Challenge.

Day 9: Tell us about your must watch TV shows:
Honestly I hardly ever have time to watch tv.  With helping the kids with homework to cleaning and organizing my home I am usually spending my free time on the laptop.  I like Spongebob, does that count?  It is not a MUST watch show for me but I find myself glancing over when the kids are watching it and that little yellow spongy guy makes me laugh.

Day 10: Tell us about your special someone:
My "special" someone? You mean my husband?  Well it all started in 1997, we met in highschool and dated for a couple weeks.  He was a senior and me a didn't last long lol.  I freaked out because he held my hand so I broke it off, I was scared.  So fast forward to 2002, we both had volunteered at a banquet to serve and cook, he asked me out and then we slowly but surely fell in love.  We both shared the same goals in life, we wanted to make a home and have was perfection.  We eloped in December of that year, he had proposed to me on my birthday in September.  We had a big church wedding in March the next year and then conceived our daughter the end of April! He loves to cook and is very good at it...I love that!

Day 11: Something you’re afraid of:
I am super scared of spiders.

Day 12: Share your goals you would like to accomplish in the next year:
I hope to be able to expand my blog more and more, it has been a fun experience and I am learning new things every day.  I was to be able to pay off one of our debts, coupons have been a huge money saver for us and the money we save goes towards our smallest debt right now which is a credit card.  Our plan is to pay the smallest debts off as we work our way up to the largest which is our home loan.
I really want to lose weight, it is in the works but is coming off so slowly.

Day 13: Favorite Bible Verse/Quote:
This is my fave quote, IDK who it is by though...
I remember God’s goodness to me in the past. I think of God’s closeness to me right now. I will not forget God’s promise to help me in the future.

Day 14: Share something you are looking forward to:
I always look forward to Fall, it is the best season ever!

Day 15: 3 tips for a new blogger:
Don't think you have to be a super amazing writer, don't think you need to post a zillion posts every day and do not compare yourself to anyone else's blog!

Day 16: 5 blogs you visit daily:
I find myself visiting a variety of blogs every day...the list is long.  My favorite blog is now Life With Levi, she writes like I think.

Day 17: Something you regret:
Most of my later teen years I regret after I graduated highschool.  I was a wild child and did a lot of crazy stuff.  I don't live in regret though, what has been done is done and now I can only move forward.

Day 18: Something you miss:
I am changing this to Someone I miss.  I miss my sister Aimee and her smiling face and infectious laugh.  She and I would sit in her room every single night and talk for hours about everything, it was special and after she was gone I found myself unable to sleep during those hours because it had become such a normal thing to sit up and talk.  Even a couple years later I found myself talking to my poor tired husband after he came to bed just because I needed to get it out of my system.
Aimee was 17 when she died, she had a kind of cancer in her brain that was incurable and once we had discovered she had the tumor it was already too late.  I will always miss her, she took a part of me when she left but I am thankful that at least that part of myself is in Heaven with her.  Hug your siblings tight, you never know when you could lose them.

Custom Made Nap Mat Review - Perfect for Daycare or Anywhere

     Today I am reviewing a custom made napping mat from and this review is picture heavy because we just loved it!  When my custom Nap Mat arrived I was pleased to see the care that was taken to package it and the shipping was fast!  The mat came inside a big plastic bag to keep it safe on its journey.  I opened it up and immediately could tell that this was a high quality product, the stitching was exceptional.  I am a sewer myself and so I notice such things.  The better the stitching the longer an item will last and these are made to last for sure.  

     Great care has been taken in the design, it is just so ingenious!  The way the whole mat rolls up is so simple that even my 5 year old son could handle rolling it up and securing it himself.  As soon as I got it out of the pretty bag I immediately peeled the velcro tabs open and unrolled it into the floor to look it over.  The fleece blanket that is attached is so soft and very thick, it is attached very well.  Inside there is a soft kindermat that is covered in vinyl so you can just wipe it off if ever there is an accidental spill.  In fact the whole nap mat sans the kindermat inside can be tossed right into the washing machine!  Inside the top sleeve is the pillow, it is soft and squishy and perfect for resting.  The sleeve it slides into secures it so there will be no sliding around while your child is slumbering.  The pillow can be slipped out for easy washing or replacement.  The handle on the top makes it simple to carry wherever you need it.  Personally I would suggest (for the 1st washing) using 2 cups white vinegar in the wash with the cover, this helps to set the color and it softens it with no lasting scent.  Sometimes softeners can ruin fabric, vinegar will help you get a longer life from your cover.

      All three of my children tried the Nap Mat out and it worked wonderfully for each of them, the mat and blanket are plenty long enough for even my almost 8 year old daughter and she is on the tall end.  My 12 month old son loved it, he immediately smiled when I tucked him in and he was all ready for his little nap.  Our middle son who is 5 years slid under the blanket and proclaimed that this was the best napping place ever!  Shh don't tell the kids but I just had to try it out too and I must agree, it is wonderful.  The cotton breathes, the pad is soft and the pillow and blanket make it feel similar to a bed. 

Each nap mat cover is Custom Made using two cotton or poly/cotton fabrics and coordinating attached fleece blanket.  The pillow and original kindermat are included. Machine Washable! Each custom mat is lovingly made and will last and last, this is something you can pass down.  Take your Nap Mats on vacation, to daycare, school, slumber parties, grandma's house, church and more.  Have a budget?  Check out all three versions, there is certainly one for every type of budget.

You're going to LOVE it!

Basic-No Frills! Simple, but effective.
The Basic kindermat cover will
work with the 5/8", 1" or 2" thick
The cover encases the mat
(like a pillowcase) with velcro
tabs inside the hem to keep the
mat from slipping out.  19" x 44" 
kindermat not included.
To see all the Basic
kindermat covers,
click here.

Designer-The comfort of an attached
pillow and easy-carry handles
make the Designer napmats a
hit with little ones...with room
inside to store our gorgeous
coordinating blankies....
Comes with a 1" thick mat. 19" x 44"
To see all the
Designer kindermat
click here.

Custom-The Crown Jewel. The Custom
napmats have everything you
need for a nap...attached. No lost
blankies, no excuses! Made extra
long to accommodate taller
children. Comes with the 5/8"
basic kindermat and can easily
work with the 1" thick mat (add$4).  19" x 58"
To see all the Custom kindermat
click here. has much more than these amazing nap mats, check it out for yourself!

Why do you need a Nap Mat?

Check back often!  A lot of styles sell out fast but they get replenished often so keep checking back!  The style we tried out is called Blue Tangles.

 Disclosure: Special thanks to Nap Mat  for providing me with a sample to review..  I did not receive monetary compensation for this review. I was sent the product(s) free of charge.  It has been used solely for the purpose of this honest review.  The views are strictly 100% my own. Receiving the product did not influence me to produce a positive review.

Pillsbury Grands! Biscuit Sandwiches & Egg Scrambles Review & Giveaway Ends 9/23 @ 12:01 am

These are delicious and so easy to prepare, just what I needed for our busy mornings for our family before school.  We tried the sausage & cheese, the bacon & cheese and the sausage egg scrambles and all were equally good though I am personally quite partial to the sausage. The Scrambles filled my hungry kids up and they said they were not hungry all the way until lunch time, this is a quick and easy breakfast that sticks!  I just can't believe how soft and fluffy the biscuits were and we are talking freezer to microwave here, wow!
  • Available in your grocer’s freezer, Pillsbury Grands! Biscuit Sandwiches and Pillsbury Egg Scrambles heat up in minutes in the microwave.
  • Made with quality ingredients like fluffy real egg, tasty meat, cheese, Grands! Biscuits and Green Giant® vegetables, the new line of quick and delicious frozen breakfast dishes comes in six flavorful choices:
    • Sausage & Cheese Biscuit Sandwich
    • Bacon & Cheese Biscuit Sandwich
    • Ham & Veggies Biscuit Sandwich
    • Bacon & Veggies Egg Scrambles
    • Sausage Egg Scrambles
    • Sausage & Veggies Egg Scrambles

Del Monte Fruit Cup BOGO Free Coupon -Vocalpoint

Del Monte® Fruit Naturals® cups are packed in 100% fruit juice instead of sugary syrup, so you will want to drink every last drop.  I used my coupon and this fruit is the perfect snack, so easy!
Print Vocalpoint's downloadable buy-one-get-one-FREE coupon* offer so you can get in on the sweet deal.

Click on this link so you can snag the savings:


About Del Monte® Fruit Naturals® cups:

You'll want to drink every last drop out of these fruit cup®
snacks. Picked at their ripest, the perfectly prepared fruit
swims in 100% fruit juice packed with vitamin C.
*Must be a Vocalpoint member. Limited quantities available. Each member is able to download only one coupon. This offer is only available in certain areas.  I received this information from Vocalpoint.

Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate Traditional Brownie Mix Prize Pack Giveaway Ends 9/20 @ 12:01 am

lol my little brownie lover
 Fall and brownies, what a splendid pairing.  The summer is drawing to a close and now I am getting excited because I can use my oven more often without my face feeling like it's melting off hehe.  Brownies are such a special treat and I love making them once in a while with my children.  Grabbing a box of mix and letting them measure the ingredients is one of the easiest ways to bond because brownies are so simple to make.  I love to wrap a cut square of brownie in some parchment, tape it shut and then draw a heart on the top to sneak into my children's backpacks.
My Blog Spark sent me a fun gift pack consisting of a brand new brownie pan, a special red stirring spoon, a snazzy red Betty Crocker apron and a box of Betty Crocker Traditional Milk Chocolate brownie mix. The milk chocolate flavor was amazing, these reminded me of homemade.
This fall, warm your family’s hearts and home with a fresh-from-the-oven treat that won’t have you spending hours in the kitchen. New Milk Chocolate Traditional Brownie mix from Betty Crocker® can help you simplify your brownie baking regimen and get a head start on homemade.

  • With just the right touch of milk chocolate flavor, your family will love the traditional homemade brownie taste that can be ready in three easy steps.
  • Look for Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate Traditional Brownie mix in the baking aisle of grocery stores this fall. 
 Find Betty Crocker online:

    Winners prize pack will contain:
  • One Betty Crocker® Milk Chocolate Traditional Brownie mix prize pack which includes a Betty Crocker apron, brownie pan, and mixing spoon.  Giveaway ends September 20th @ 12:01 am.

Disclosure: Special thanks to MyBlogSpark for providing me with samples to review from Betty Crocker.  I did not receive monetary compensation for this review. I was sent the product(s) free of charge by MyBlogSpark.  It has been used solely for the purpose of this honest review.  The views are strictly 100% my own. Receiving the product did not influence me to produce a positive review. The product, information and prize pack have been provided by Betty Crocker through MyBlogSpark.  Prize pack will be sent by MyBlogSpark.

Click "read more" for the entry form

Fall Art Project - A Colorful Tree to Remember

I saw this fun art project in a photo posted online somewhere, I thought it was so cute so I made a mental note of it to try with my children.  Fall is my most favorite season of all, the crisp air and all that comes along with it is so relaxing.

1st- we used an old bubble mailer to squirt the brown paint onto, this makes the tree trunk and also captures the size of your child's hand.  Just tell them to smash their whole wrist and hand into that paint, don't be afraid to be messy!
2nd- we carefully laid our arm and hand down, being sure to spread our fingers apart to make the branches.  Let this dry for a while before doing the rest.
3rd- we picked out some favorite fall colors and dipped our fingertips in, dotted it all over for the leaves of our trees.  There is no special way to do this, just be creative.
4th- make dots for however old your child is as the falling leaves, take a marker and draw motion lines.
5th- make a squirrel with a few fingerprints then use a brush for the tail and eye, add flowers and grass if you wish.  Viola!  Now you have a priceless work of art to enjoy all season long. 

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