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     Since Swagbucks began, I've been a member.  I remember when I first started, I seriously was just waiting for it to end up being a scam but it never turned out to be and it really surprised me!  I ended up referring a ton of people and earning a lot of freebies.  My favorite reward was the Amazon gift card which back when they first started was 45 SBs.  Now they just changed the value of the swag buck so that the points can be more spread out and they are 450 SBs, still the same though!  
     So anywho, not many people know this but my husband and I won a Baja cruise on there!  We got to take the Rock The Soap Baja Mexico cruise and wow was it amazing.  I think I entered with every single swagbuck I had.  This was before you could get the bulk entries with just one click.  I literally sat there for hours, clicking in each entry until my hands were swollen and my eyes felt like they might dry up and crack.  LOL it was worth it though because we ended up winning and had the adventure of a lifetime!  We don't watch soaps on tv, never have and probably never will but we got to rub elbows with some of the sweetest celebs from those daytime shows, we will never forget it.  
     If you have never been on the cruise I highly suggest you put it on your bucket list, it is so pampering.  We never paid a cent for anything, it was all inclusive including food.  We would literally order anything at all from our room and they would deliver it, we could walk around the many different buffets and just grab whatever!  There was live entertainment, shows, contests, music, swimming, off the ship events once we docked and more.  Hehe it was SO much fun, we will never forget it!  I just had to share this because I get so excited about Swagbucks and people wonder why.  You can seriously win some amazing stuff on there!

Here is the official Swagbucks blog post about our win:
and then the post after we attended the cruise event:

So what are you waiting for?!  Sign up now and perhaps one day YOU will win something HUGE!

Here is my referral link to sign up under:

Just a few pics to share from our trip...ahhh the memories are still so fresh and I hope we get to do something like that again someday!


 Breast Cancer Survivor Necklace Review - Holiday Gift Idea

     At Mud Pie you'll find innovative gift products, designed with exceptional quality and adorable packaging.  There is so much to be loved on Mud-Pie!  In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness they have a beautiful survivor necklace with a 34" opera length chain.  This is vintage inspired and made with antiqued gold plated metal.  The chain has three charms on it: "STRENGTH", the tree of life and a french saying that reads "Don't count the days, make the days count."  On the clasp there is the mudpie logo in a precious little heart.

     All of our lives have been touched in one way or another by breast cancer.  Early detection is key, and it is quick and easy to schedule a mammogram or clinical breast exam.  Life is so precious, Get screened regularly to lower your chances of losing your life to breast cancer.  This necklace is the perfect gift to give to someone that has beat breast cancer or to wear yourself to promote awareness this coming holiday season.  I myself lost my grandmother to breast cancer years ago and I will be wearing this necklace often in memory of her and to remind myself to get checked and often.

     *A portion of all proceeds will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation whose mission is to increase awareness and provide assistance for those in need. Help for today... Hope for tomorrow.

Disclaimer: I did not receive monetary compensation for this review. I was sent the product(s) free of charge by the company or PR representative. It has been used solely for the purpose of this honest review. The views are strictly 100% my own. Receiving the product did not influence me to produce a positive review.  

$89 ARV Seventh Generation Dish Liquid Review & Prize Pack with Le Creuset, Full Circle and Twist #Giveaway Ends 11/12 @ 12:01am EST

The power of scent is remarkable. It can have positive effects on your mood, reduce stress, and even help you sleep better. But not all scents are created equal. The fruit, floral and herbal ingredients used to create the scents in Seventh Generation’s new natural dish liquid come from fields, not factories.

  • Seventh Generation dish liquid contains only essential oils and botanical extracts, and delivers real cleaning power. Your tableware will be left fresh and ready to serve your next home cooked meal.
  • With authentic ingredients like lavender from the fields of Drome in the foothills of the Alps, clementines from sunny Calabria and lemons from the soils of Sicily, Seventh Generation natural dish liquid is free of unnecessary synthetic colors or chemically engineered scents.
  • Enter the “Nature Makes Perfect Scents” sweepstakes at and you can have the chance to take a trip for two to visit one of the sourcing sites of Seventh Generation natural dish liquid fragrance ingredients. Visit to learn more about each scent’s origin.
~Seventh Generation and MyBlogSpark

Cheap and Simple Home Decor Wall Art Craft - Recycled Toilet Paper Rolls

lol, blurred the background to hide our half remodeled kitchen!

Thanks for checking out my toilet paper roll creation!

Award Winning Moscato - flipflop wines "to each, their own" Review

     Flipflop's moscato wine...yummmm.  Simply bursting with the flavors of a light grapefruity flavor, honey and a slight musky aroma.  Take a sip and relax, this is simply divine.  Moscato is a variety of the Muscat Grape, which is used for wine-making, raisins and for table grapes.  It has a sweet flavor, low tannins and the color can vary greatly.  It is grown throughout the world and ranges from region to region.  Apparently the Muscat grapes, and their wines possess high concentrations of flavonoids, the little antioxidants that promote health.  There are almost as many flavonoids in Muscat, as there are in red wine, so if you like to drink Moscato, you could argue that it is good for you.  Moscato is not usually loved by wine snobs simply because it is not a dry wine, but who cares?!  Moscato is by far my favorite wine and you will always find a bottle in my fridge.  It's low alcohol level of 10% and light sweetness lends itself to many different types of foods whether sweet or savory.  My favorite side kick was hot & spicy peanuts but this wine really does best all on its own, no need to eat anything with it.

Only $7 per bottle, making this very affordable and an excellent gift idea.  Find this online or in a store near you.

Flip Flop Moscato Awards:
  • PLATINUM, Best of Varietal, Best of Class 2011 New World International Wine Competition
  • GOLD Best of Class — 2011 Pacific Rim Wine Competition
  • SILVER 2011 Riverside Wine Competition
  • SILVER 2011 Tasters Guild
  • SILVER 2011 Florida State Fair International Wine Competition
  • SILVER 2011 The Dallas Morning News & TexSom Wine Competition
  • SILVER 2011 Hilton Head Island Wine
  • SILVER 2011 Consumer Wine Awards in Lodi

Follow FlipFlop Wines

Disclaimer: I did not receive monetary compensation for this review. I was sent the product(s) free of charge by the company or PR representative. It has been used solely for the purpose of this honest review. The views are strictly 100% my own. Receiving the product did not influence me to produce a positive review.

MeGiant "small things, giant style" Clothing Review

What is Me Giant?

me – me, myself and I ( especially in the mind of a child)
giant – a person or thing of unusually great size, power or importance.

Who is Me Giant?

Me Giant is a team of illustrators, cartoonist, graphic artist, order takers, order shippers, floor sweepers and joke makers that are lead by chief keeper upper Shelia Butler.
After spending seven year successfully co-owning and running Aidan Gray Home, Inc., a wholesale decor and furniture business, Butler made the decision to change paths and focus on Children’s design and decor. This decision was not surprising as through the gift of adoption, her home welcomed 2 little giants within an 11 month period. Talk about a change of lifestyle.
The only thing Butler desires more than a full night of uninterrupted sleep is happy customers which Me Giant strives to provide by offering products that are fun, simple, quirky, different and sometime old (she love vintage finds). She and her team are committed to exceptional customer service, safe products and pursuit of happy little giants.
Our Review

    From the day that our 10 lb son was born, we have always called him "Bubba".  The MeGiant tee BUBBA could not have been more fitting!  I also love the "Twinkle Stinkle" tee, it makes me crack up every time I see it or think of it.  There is just so many cute designs to choose from, I seriously had a hard time picking out just two.
     Shelia Butler, owner and busy mom to two boys is keeping it real with designs that say exactly what you or baby are thinking.  Let it be known to the world, you call your little giant "Bubba" or "Silly Goose"!
     There are countless designs to tickle your fancy and they are available in size 3 months to 4T.  Pick your favorites from hats, creepers, bibs or tees.  There are several tees that combine an animal drawing with another animal sound that quite frankly have nothing to do with each other.  It seems perfect to me though since half of the sayings that come out of our children's mouths make just about as much sense lol.
     The two tee's we received were packaged in that sweet metal lunchbox you see in the above photos.  My son K loved carrying his new little case around, opening and closing it and putting little random toys into it.  The t-shirts are high quality, made from 100% cotton and have survived many messes from my little giant.  Wash after wash and our MeGiant t-shirts have come out looking like new.  The graphics do not shrink up or flake off, they stay put and that's how we like it.       MeGiant is the perfect gift for that special expecting mama or newly born baby.  Just think, you could get a whole stack of MeGiant items and tie them up all cute with a big ribbon!  You just have to go and check out MeGiant's bibs, hats, creepers and t-shirts!  Oh the cuteness that is in store for your little babe, you will want one of everything.  

Buy some MeGiant:

Follow on Twitter or Facebook.

Check it out, a 25% coupon code <here>!

 What MeGiant designs will you pick?

Disclaimer: I did not receive monetary compensation for this review. I was sent the product(s) free of charge by the company or PR representative. It has been used solely for the purpose of this honest review. The views are strictly 100% my own. Receiving the product did not influence me to produce a positive review.


$4 Vicks Coupon - Be the 1st to Grab This One!

Reserve your $4 OFF coupon* for Vicks® Nature Fusion  The next time you have a cold choose
the Nature Fusion product that's right for you.

About vicks®:

Vicks® Nature Fusion is a new cold and flu liquid that is
flavored with natural honey instead of artificial flavors.**
  • Free of alcohol, artificial dyes*** and gluten
  • Powerful cold symptom relief medicine
  • Delicious goodness of real honey
  • From the trusted Vicks® brand

*Must be a Vocalpoint member; limited quantities available. 
Only one package will be mailed per member. Please allow 5-7 weeks for delivery.
Read each label. Use as directed. Keep out of reach of children.
**Caplets contain sucralose, an artificial sweetener. ***Liquids only

I received this offer from Vicks™ at Vocalpoint.

First Alert Combination Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Voice and Location

Disclaimer: I did not receive monetary compensation for this review. I was sent the product(s) free of charge by the company or PR representative. It has been used solely for the purpose of this honest review. The views are strictly 100% my own. Receiving the product did not influence me to produce a positive review.


October is fire prevention month.  I am writing this tech post to help get the word out!

Would you know what to do if a fire started in your home? Would your kids? Take the time now to review fire safety facts and tips so your family will be prepared in the event of a fire emergency in your home.
Please go to  to read tips on how your whole family can prevent a fire or be ready if one strikes your home.

Like First Alert on Facebook:
Follow First Alert on Twitter:

Buy!  Make sure to have one working detector in every room of your home, including the basement.  Test your detectors monthly and replace batteries as needed.

The First Alert Combination Talking Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Detector (pictured) helps protect you and your family from two deadly threats: fire and carbon monoxide. This battery-operated unit includes a voice alarm that tells you the location of dangerous smoke or carbon monoxide in your home.

  • Battery-operated combination carbon monoxide and smoke alarm with voice location
  • Uses electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor--the most accurate technology available
  • Photoelectric sensing technology reduces nuisance smoke alarms
  • Remote-controlled silence/test button; low battery warning; peak level memory recall
  • Includes 2 AA batteries; 5 year limited warranty

This Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm is for you if:
● You want to be immediately notified where the danger is in your home, to make the best decisions possible in an emergency situation.
● You want the protection of 2 alarms in one: smoke and carbon monoxide (CO).

This is truly an awesome product, check out the first alert website for more information

Sample video of what the alarm sounds like, we programmed it for a child's room.  

Sorry I have shaky hands lol.

The Great Escape Sweepstakes

In honor of Fire Prevention Month, First Alert is hosting “The Great Escape” sweepstakes on Facebook, where they are offering one grand prize winner an “escape” vacation to Chicago.  US residents may enter until October 31, 2011.  The grand prize package includes airfare to Chicago for a family of four, accommodations at a “hot” Michigan Avenue hotel, dinner at the Chicago Firehouse restaurant and tickets to the Lookingglass Theatre’s production of “The Great Fire.”  Be sure to visit First Alert on Facebook to enter The Great Escape Sweepstakes as well as learning some history behind fire safety month and helpful tips.

Ickee Stickeez Toy Review - Guest Post

Check out my recent guest post over at Melanie's blog, these are a great stocking stuffer!

HALO ComfortLuxe 2 Piece Advanced Comfort Flannel Sleepwear Set Review & Giveaway Ends 11/06 - Holiday Gift Idea

About ComfortLuxe™ Sleepwear
HALO® ComfortLuxe™ helps little ones with sensitive skin stay comfortable.  This innovative
fabric outperforms cotton by wicking away moisture and regulating your little one’s
temperature. It’s breathable, it dries twice as fast as cotton and most of all it is comfortable. In
fact, ComfortLuxe™ Sleepwear is the only sleepwear to be awarded the Seal of Acceptance
from the National Eczema Association. With ComfortLuxe, little ones stay cooler when it’s
warm and warmer when it’s cool, for healthier skin and more comfortable sleep.
ComfortLuxe Sleepwear is available for newborns to children size 4T in the following styles:
ComfortLuxe™ Base Layer, coverall and two piece set.  The two piece set is available in two
lightweight fabric styles: Silky (smooth texture) and flannel‐feel (soft and fuzzy texture).  
Coverall and Base Layer are available in the ComfortLuxe Silky fabric.

Mohawk Rug Review and Giveaway $150 Value Ends 11/12 at 12:01am

     In all my excitement about doing my Mohawk rug review I had forgotten to take a before shot but luckily I have some pictures from back in February of the room so I am good to go!  As an added bonus you get to see K when he was 6 months old and man is he cute in his jumper.  Ok so on to my review...

     When my chosen Mohawk rug arrived to my home I was literally jumping for joy.  I had a tough time choosing the one I wanted because there are so many beautiful rugs to pick from but when I saw this one I just knew, it was the one.  I am one of those people that watches all of the home improvement or design shows on tv.  I day dream about how I will transform my home one day, given I have lots of extra money to do so lol.  We have such cold winters here in Michigan and our home was built in 1920 so the floors can be a little bit cold at times.  Having a rug in every room is important, especially in the winter months.  I can't just have any old rug, it needs to last and be able to put up with three young children. Mohawk rugs are durable.

     I took my rug from the delivery man and carried it in the house myself, it was light enough that I did not need any help from my husband.  It came wrapped up really well in plastic, they did a good job protecting it and I was pleased about that.  So I rushed into our bedroom, which K shares with us in his mini crib, and got to work.  I moved everything out, carried my new rug inside and plopped it down.  Tearing the plastic off was easy, I didn't need any scissors or anything.  I unrolled my beauty and stepped back to take it all in.  K waddled in at this point, he had been playing so nicely out of the way but he wasn't waiting any longer, he wanted to see what all the commotion was about.  I got out the vacuum to sweep away the extra fuzzies and then moved K to his high chair for a snack while I moved the furniture back in...
Doesn't it look gorgeous?  I think that the colors are perfect for my taste since I prefer more organic and natural colors, they are just soothing to me especially in a bedroom.  The rug is super soft and I laid right down on it with K to play, he rolled around a bit while I was trying to get his pajamas on lol...
I just love it, love love love it!  Can I say that enough? hehe I could yell it from the roof top.  As soon as I felt its softness and high quality pile I fell head over heals.  The patterned rug that I chose is called Mohawk Select Prism Apple Butter Shag Rug.  This rug is a tufted rug with pile height of 1 inch, perfect for little baby piggy toes to sink into (or big people ones too!).  I chose this design because K will be moving into his own bedroom soon and once he moves I wanted something my husband and I would enjoy.

Guess what?  Mohawk wants to give one of my readers their very own rug!  The winner will get to choose an 8x5 foot rug, maximum value $150!  You will get to own, for free, your very own Mohawk rug of your choosing.  They are the largest manufacturer of area, indoor/outdoor and washable rugs in the US of A.  Mohawk Industries was started in the 1800's and they even make and distribute carpeting, tile, stone and wood flooring...I didn't even know that!  Mohawk has tons of awards including being voted as "Best of Floor 2011" by America'sMart Atlanta.  Just use the Rafflecopter form below, there are tons of different ways you can enter.
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