Mama Nibbles: Baby Brother

Baby Brother

The article written by Alonso Kramer

I can’t believe that my baby brother is all grown up and out on his own. He graduated from college last week. Part of me will always see him as a three-year old baby tugging on my mom’s apron. My sister and I know that he is going to have a hard time financially now that he is on his own and we wanted to get him a really thoughtful gift that would come in handy after graduation. He already has a good computer and cell phone, and we couldn’t think of any other gadgets he might need. We decided that we would get him a satellite dish from and pay for his service for a year. I figured he wouldn’t be able to afford too many extras since he’ll be living in a shoestring budget, and he loves movies and TV. When we gave him the gift he was so happy. I know he didn’t want to accept it because he thought it was too much, but we are so proud of him. What are big sisters good for if they can’t get you extravagant gifts?
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