Mama Nibbles: Bloggers: Help Sponsor the NEXT Tablet Time {LeapPad Explorer Bundle/$250 Cash Edition}

Bloggers: Help Sponsor the NEXT Tablet Time {LeapPad Explorer Bundle/$250 Cash Edition}

     Bloggers:  I am teaming up with Mom With a Dot Com and Measuring Flower to gather together bloggers for a LeapPad Bundle OR $250 Cash Tablet Time Giveaway!  In the past the Tablet Time event has given away and iPad2 and 2 Kindle Fires, right now (until Jan 20) we are giving away the all new Barnes and Nobles NOOK tablet.  If you are not sponsoring the NOOK giveaway then feel free to enter.

What are the benefits of sponsoring a Tablet Time giveaway? They include:
  • Rewarding your readers with a super-awesome giveaway.
  • Increasing your following by leaps and bounds.
  • Catching the eye of search engines when people search things like "LeapPad," "LeapFrog,"  "LeapPad giveaway," "tablet giveaway," or "Tablet Time giveaway."
  • Entering for a chance to be a host for the next Tablet Time (no fees and three follow links instead of 2!).
The Rules
  1. Have a family-friendly blog (Ning and certain similar networks/communities welcome also as long as they have a place to publish the giveaway post with the Rafflecopter form and can share the button/banner on the main page of their community during the course of the event).
  2. Remit the $10 participation/admin fee via PayPal (payment details in the sign up form).
  3. Submit two follow links of your choice (a follow link is the direct link to your Twitter profile, Facebook fan page, G+ page, blog for GFC, etc.; lines to submit are in the application form). To make entering simpler for entrants, each blog is only allowed 2 links.
  4. Join the Tablet Time Facebook group (link is in the sign-up form).
  5. Write a post about the giveaway and include the Rafflecopter form for others to enter (participants will receive this code at a later date).
  6. Schedule said post (item #4) to publish on March 16, 2012, at 12:01 AM EST and inform your readers that the deadline to enter is March 30, 2012, at 11:59 PM EST , is open to U.S. residents only, and entrants must be 18 years or older. You will receive reminders and details via the Facebook group and email as the event draws nigh.
  7. Display the event’s button or banner on your sidebar or above the fold on your blog (but NOT in a scrolling widget as few people will see it there; the more people who see the button/banner, the more traffic). You can share the button/image in a giveaway widget, but you MUST also have the banner/button displayed as well.
Helpful Links
  • Set up a G+ page. Since GFC is going away (click this link to learn more) for non-Blogger blogs and probably soon thereafter for Blogger blogs, set up a G+ page for your blog ("blog" is found under the "Arts, Entertainment, or Sports" category. Note that this is different than your G+ personal profile and will be the future of bloggers.
  • Set up a Facebook fan page. We get a great deal of traffic to our blogs thanks to our  Facebook fan pages. Plus, sponsors are impressed with large FB fan page numbers! If you don't already have a fan page, set one up ASAP and start building the fan page numbers (more fans=more exposure).
Sign Up for Tablet Time
There is a 35 participating blog cap on this event and order is based on a first-come, first-serve basis, so sign up NOW to claim your spot!
Note: If, instead of the form appearing (when you click "Sign Up Here"), a screen pops up saying "The form 'Blogger Sign-Up for Tablet Time LeapPad Bundle Giveaway' is no longer accepting responses," then we've filled up. Until then, enter away!
A couple of notes:
  • As a participating blogger, you will NOT be allowed to enter the giveaway (sorry!). But you will be able to take full advantage of all the readers it pleases and the numbers it boosts and have a chance to be one of the next Tablet Time hosts!
  • Please DO blog and share with your "likers", followers, and those you network with about this event! The more who know, the more traffic!
  • If you would like to receive {weekly or less} updates with news, events (including future Tablet Time giveaways), and opportunities for bloggers, sign up for Measuring Flower's  FREE Bloggers e-Newsletter!
Grab a BUTTON!

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