Mama Nibbles: Dandelion Earth Friendly Goods Re-Play USA Made Recycled Tableware for Kids Review

Dandelion Earth Friendly Goods Re-Play USA Made Recycled Tableware for Kids Review

     Re-Play products from Dandelion Earth Friendly Goods are made from recycled milk jugs!  It's a better alternative for parents looking to make the planet a better place for their children as well as future generations.
     My 18 month old son tested these out with me and we loved them.  Re-Play products are so heavy duty and durable plus they can go into the dishwasher which is always a good thing.  My guy had a very easy time holding the spoon and fork in his hand, we love the deep dip in the spoon so he can eat cereal and it actually makes it to his mouth instead of this lap.  The fork has the perfect size tines for easy poking of foods.  The bowls are nice and deep so that I can fill it to the top with his favorite foods (such as cooked carrots).  He likes to throw his bowl on the floor once in a while and he has cracked a couple but when he dropped his Re-Play bowl all it did was bounce, it is solid.  Divided plates can sometimes be flimsy or not deep enough but the Re-Play divided plate is the perfect size for even the hungriest of toddlers.  I even use them with my 6 and 8 year old children for perfect portion control.  Now all they need to make are cups, I'd buy those!
     The retail price per package is right around $3-$6, a little bit more for the sippy cups.  These are affordable and how wonderful that is to these ears.  Money is most likely a bit tighter when you have children so I find myself having to really be careful not to overspend and Re-Play tableware is at the perfect price point for me and we love the colors.  Boys sets come in orange, green and turquoise.  Girls sets come in pink, green and orange.  I can't forget to mention the sippy cups!  The sippy cup is perfect, it holds 10 ounces so for me that means less refilling since my little guy drinks water all day long.  The sippy has a silicone valve inside that works like a charm for no spills.  The lid screws on easily and stays tight.  I can fit my hand inside to wash it very easily if I need to.  The holes in the spout allow for just the right amount of liquids to come through when he drinks.
     Re-play products are packaged by the Habilitation Center.  The center helps to equip adults with skills needed in life to be useful and productive with dignity and respect.  The packaging is recycled cardboard and it is designed to be minimal, to hold the product without the use of twist ties or extra restraints.  The Re-Play tableware and packaging is BPA free, recyclable as well as PVC and phthalate free.  Point is, these are made in the USA, safe and non toxic but affordable so every parent can own them. 

Click here to check these out! (Shipping on any item, any quantity in the US only $4.99!)


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