Mama Nibbles: Juppy Baby Walker Review and #Giveaway - Canada and US

Juppy Baby Walker Review and #Giveaway - Canada and US

Introducing the Juppy Baby Walker...
An alternative to dangerous wheeled baby walkers that also eliminates the stress and strain on the parents back while the baby safely learns to walk. 
     The Juppy is simple and effective.  All you do is sit down with your child on your lap, slide the Juppy onto their legs like pants and pull it up all the way then zip up in the back.  Carefully make sure their arms are coming through in between the straps on the sides because otherwise it could throw off their balance.  You are now ready to use your Juppy!  
     My husband is 6'2" and he found the straps (extended fully) to be just a hair too short for him to stand up straight all the way but he said it was not at all uncomfortable for him to use.  I am 5'7" and it was perfect, the straps can be adjusted down if you are shorter.  My son is about 26 lbs (30 lbs weight limit) and the Juppy fit him very well, plenty of room in there plus the inside is so soft and comfortable.  He loved walking around in it with us and it was nice to not be hunched over while doing so.  This is a great product that is made to last.  I ordered ours embroidered with our guy's nickname, the embroidery is high quality.  We just love this!
     Most people help their little ones learn to take their first steps by holding up their little arms while hunched over them, this could potentially injure your little one or cause you some back injury.  The Juppy is great because it prevents you pulling on your child's arm when they fall and it keeps your back from being strained.  The Juppy promotes independence and will help your little one to walk sooner since they have their arms free to help them learn to balance as they naturally should.

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