Mama Nibbles: Valentines Day Gift ~ How to Make a Personalized Love Tree

Valentines Day Gift ~ How to Make a Personalized Love Tree

Personalized Love Tree
How to make a personalized Love Tree:

-Purchase a good frame that comes with a mat.  I chose this frame for under $15 at Walmart, it is about 11"x14" and the opening in the mat is just under 8"x10".
-For the background I typed a love letter to my husband, it was about 3 paragraphs long.  I copied and pasted that a few times over and chose a size 9 font script font.  I turned the document around to print as a landscape and reduced the margins to 1/2 an inch all around then printed it out in black ink.
-The tree is cut from black poster board.  I just drew it free hand then cut it out with scissors, making sure it would span the entire opening of the mat (it overhangs by 1/2") and have a good place to hang my hearts.  You can make it as curvy or as branchy as you wish, this is what makes your piece unique and special.
-Our hearts are just cut from the front of an old red notebook I had but you could use felt, fabric, foam stickers or other paper.
-I used a fine tip permanent marker to write my name and my husband's on the front of the hearts.
-The string I found in the knitting department, it is cream with gold spun into it.  I tied a bow at the top of a loop then pushed one side under the tree, the other over and put a piece on the back side of the tree to secure it.
-Once I had all the parts ready I used a wrinkle free non toxic glue stick to paste it all together.  I let this dry for a few hours then placed into my frame for display.  Glue dots for scrapbooking would also work wonderfully with this.

This simple but complicated looking craft took me about 20 minutes to complete.  It looks like something you would buy custom somewhere for $50.  If you have children you could make them each one heart to hang, that would be a cute gift for any loved one.

Happy V-Day!

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