Mama Nibbles: Cheap Dollar Tree Spring Floral Chandelier Craft Instructional

Cheap Dollar Tree Spring Floral Chandelier Craft Instructional

     This is my take on what could be a very expensive item but I made it simple and cheap using items only from the Dollar Tree!  I found my inspiration from an item on Etsy that I saw selling for $130 plus over $30 shipping.  I can't afford to spend that kind of dough so I pinned it to Pinterest and kept it in the back of my mind, hoping I could make it possible because my 8 year old daughter wanted one for her room so badly. 
     Finally my chance came, I was in the Dollar Tree with all three of my children.  It's a miracle I made it out of there, it's like a drug to me hehe!  My cart can fill up pretty fast when I am there but I try to stay focused and get only what we need.  As I was taking out plastic snakes to put back on the hook for the 4th time that my son had thought he was sneaking by me, I noticed some iridescent bead necklaces hanging near the girly toys.  Something clicked in my brain and the gears began to move slowly (I did have three kids jibber-jabbering about a million things so it took a while LOL).  I had found them, the beads needed to make my chandelier thingie!  YAY!  So I tossed four purple strands into my cart, they also came with a bracelet in each pack and there were actually pink and blue available too.
     I walked around some more and came to the crafty isle, ours is right by the candles.  I saw a round wicker wreath type thing and grabbed the smallest one, it was about 10 inches across I'd say.  Next was flowers, we needed to find something to match my daughter's room which has a purple kind of theme going on.  I saw some pretty purple silk flowers and grabbed five bunches of those.  The last thing we needed was going to be ribbon and my store carries gross grain in every color on 5 yard spools so I found white and off we went to pay.  Everything only cost me $11, well a bit more if you add my 6% sales tax but I'm not counting that since everywhere is different.
      I got everything home, tucked the kids into their beds at night and then dumped everything out on the couch to get started.  I use a little tv table to craft on since I have nowhere else right now but it works for small crafts, it's by a plug so I can plug in my glue gun.  I own a very tiny glue gun with mini hot glue sticks that I found in an estate sale for a couple of bucks but you can find them very cheaply at Walmart and they work well.
      The first thing I did was cut three strips of ribbon to the length I wanted my wreath/chandelier to hang.  I'd say that I cut at about 24 inches each, I made them longer so I could have plenty room to adjust.  After tying them equal distances apart I put a dab of hot glue on top of each knot to hold them firmly into place and then cut the ends off.
     Next I opened up all my beads, took the plastic ends off that attach them together.  I took a ruler and measured equal distances (leaving marks with a pencil) that I would place the beads, making sure to take into account the ends that would swoop their way all around my piece.  I put a dab of glue on a mark and then pressed my bead strip ends into it until the glue cooled.  
     After making my way around the entire piece I prepared the flowers by pulling them off of the stalks.  The leaves were mostly discarded but I did keep several to put here and there, they helped fill in the holes and make the flowers look more realistic.  Every flower end got a healthy dose of hot glue and then I just inserted them all the way around, making sure they did not protrude too far and were evenly distributed.
     Once all the glue had cooled I tied a loop into the top of my ribbon and hung it from the light on the ceiling of my daughter's room but you could hang this anywhere!  It would make an adorable baby mobile as long as it was well out of reach and could be really cute in a wedding.  I really had fun making this low cost craft and I hope you will try one out too!  If you have a Dollar Tree nearby you should check it out, you never know what you could find!
     We still have a lot of work left to do in my daughter's room but the little chandelier takes it one step closer and I am proud to have saved so much money on something she really wanted!  This fun craft took  me a little over an hour, you need extra time to be sure the glue hardens with the beads.  If you'd like to pin my craft please click here to repin:

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