Mama Nibbles: Enter the Peeps and Company Ultimate Easter Giveaway AND How to Make the Best Easter Basket Ever!

Enter the Peeps and Company Ultimate Easter Giveaway AND How to Make the Best Easter Basket Ever!

     Enter the Peeps and Company Ultimate Easter Basket Giveaway!  One lucky winner will receive $500 cash and over $500 in candy and gifts from Peeps, Hot Tamales, Mike and Ike and Goldenberg's Peanut Chews!  You can enter on the Peeps and Company Facebook page under their Easter Sweepstakes tab or just click HERE to be taken directly to it. Be sure to read their terms and conditions!
     Peeps and Company was very generous in sending me some really fun items so I could show you a quick way to make a gorgeous Easter basket.  I also got to try their dark chocolate dipped chocolate mousse flavored peeps.  Don't leave me in a room with those!  I tried one and soon a whole three pack disappeared, they are WAY delicious.  The chocolate flavor of the marshmallow is so smooth and then dark chocolate it is dipped in just melts in your mouth.  If you are a chocolate lover you need to pick some up, you will thank me.  To me, they are the more "adult" Peeps in the Peep family.  I can imagine topping a big mocha cake with some, it would be so pretty. on to my beautiful Easter basket.
The items contained in this basket are:
  Product ID: 2692728134
 Product ID: 8678670126
 Product ID: 2228670587
 Product ID: 8895547392

      The butterfly cookie, basket, purple paper grass and pinwheels are from the Dollar Tree.  I used a floral foam block hot glued to the bottom inside of my basket and then surrounded that with some polished stones to weight it down but you could certainly use a bag of jelly beans to help make it heavier.  Chop sticks (because they have dull ends that cannot hurt a smaller child) and hot glue make for a great way to display everything.  I also used clear packing tape to help hold the sticks onto my items since it is invisible and added some needed support.  Once I have all my items stuck to my chop sticks I just simply stuck into the foam then filled in the base with the paper grass and there you have it!  It was so simple, minus the burning my fingers with hot glue LOL.  Have fun with this!  Making the basket up myself makes it seem more special and I can't wait to give it to my daughter.

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