Mama Nibbles: MarysMoxee Adorable Knit Hats Review - Sponsor Spotlight for Spring Buzz Giveaway Hop

MarysMoxee Adorable Knit Hats Review - Sponsor Spotlight for Spring Buzz Giveaway Hop

     MarysMoxee is an exciting Etsy shop that I found.  Owner Mary whips up some really adorable creations like the cute boys owl hat in the photos above.  She even takes custom orders if you are looking for a specific look.  In MarysMoxee you will see unique hand-knit items for infants, toddlers, boys and girls, teens and women.
     Our little blue owl hat is so soft and perfectly stretchy keeping my little guy's head just the right temperature.  I like the big owl eyes on the front, they are so cute and we have gotten quite a few nice compliments on this hat.  I think that he can wear it for the winter weather as well as chilly spring and fall.  Where I live the weather is crazy as we are surrounded by lakes on three sides so it's good to have lots of cold weather gear.  Mary was very kind when she contacted me for a review, she has a wonderful product and excellent customer service as you can see from her 100% positive feedback in her shop.  I sent Mary my fave set of questions and she gave some great replies,  to learn a bit more about on!  She is a mom of four, now that is pretty impressive all alone!  MarysMoxee will be a giveaway sponsor in my upcoming event called the Spring Buzz Giveaway Hop starting March 21st through the 27th so be sure to check back here.

Tell a bit about yourself...(family, pets ect...)I am a stay at home mom of 4 children, from the ages of 10 to 2 years old.  I homeschool my kids.  I love to make and create one of a kind items.  My Mom is crafty and she taught me to me too.  I love to cook.  My husband is Latino so I love to make Mexican food for people.

What is your favorite of the handmade items you make and why?I guess it would be the owl hats, they have been super fun to make and they sell consistently.

What inspires you?I am inspired by the wonderful ideas my customers give me.  I love to customize hats for people and I'm always so happy and flattered when people want me to make the hats for their newborns.  My children inspire me with their own fun ideas of things to make.  So many vendors from Etsy inspire me, friends and loved ones as well.

What are three tools in your workspace that you could not live without?Haha a crochet hook and yarn for sure.  I have people giving me yarn all the time because I crochet so much.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not baking or sewing?Teaching my kids, spending time with my husband or having people over for dinner.

How did you come up with your store name?A friend came over who does banners and web designing and helped me brain storm, it just seemed like a fun name.

How did you get started in your handmade business?I was just making gifts for friends and family and people kept telling me I needed to try and sell it. So I finally opened an Etsy store and it didn't go anywhere for a while, I sold more stuff off of Facebook than anywhere and then I realized the more things I listed on my Etsy the more I sold.  So I've been actively selling on Etsy since about Aug. of 2011

Where else can you be found online? (besides on Etsy...Facebook, Twitter ...ect)I have a Facebook page, a blog and my Etsy shop and that's about all.  I don't even blog that much because I've been so busy from my Etsy.  Other than Etsy I haven't done a whole lot of advertising, but I enjoy doing these giveaways and reviews.


Find MarysMoxee:

Disclaimer: Special thanks to MaryMoxee for sending me a hat to try out for this review.  Receiving a free hat did not influence my review to be positive and all opinions are my own.

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