Mama Nibbles: Review: Etsy Shop .sprouts. Handmade Jewelry Rings Bracelets Necklaces Earrings Purses - Sponsor Spotlight Spring Buzz Event

Review: Etsy Shop .sprouts. Handmade Jewelry Rings Bracelets Necklaces Earrings Purses - Sponsor Spotlight Spring Buzz Event

     Meet Rose, she is a fellow Michigander and the owner/creator of .sprouts. which is her Etsy shop.  Rose makes and sells rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and purses.  She also takes custom orders if you need something in a different size or multiples for friends.  Her handmade items would make lovely wedding party gifts, special gift for a friend and a mother's day gift! 
     I happened to be checking out her shop when she was having a purse sale and I bought the purse you see above.  Rose was super friendly and had it wrapped up and shipped out to me right away.  When i received it I unwrapped it and started using it right away and that was back in November, this cute purse has not failed me yet!  I am a lover of all things bright and colorful, my closet is like a rainbow and so is my spirit inside.  I just love the fabrics that Rose chooses to work with.  Her sewing skills are excellent, as a fellow sewer I had to check out her seams and stitching but of course it was all perfect and straight, very well done indeed.
     Very special attention to detail goes into every item that Rose crafts for .sprouts.  Just look at the handstamped metal tag that she attaches to her purses.  I can't even count on all my fingers and toes how many people have asked me about my purse and where I got it!
Interview with Rose from .sprouts.:
Tell us all a little bit about you and your family? I have been married for 9 years to an amazing husband and own 3 dogs: a golden retriever, Chester, a short hair mini dachshund, Charlie, and a long hair mini dachshund, Zelda. Things I LOVE: running, hiking, being outside, mountain biking, DOGS, Fashion, and making anything with my hands.

What are your fave items to make? My new favorite is intense bead embroidery items, which are to come soon to my Etsy Shop. My other favorite is metal-smithing. I love both of these because of the intensity of the commitment to do them. They both take a lot of work and they're not things that just anybody can pick up and start doing.

What inspires you? COLOR. I love color. My dream job is to organize colors or name them :)

What three tools in your space couldn't you live without? Pliers, Good lighting, my TORCH.

What do you enjoy when you are not making things? Running, walking my dogs in the woods, playing the piano & singing with my hubby.

How did you come up with your store name? I wanted something that reminded me of the sun. Something bright and happy. Sprouts. . . encourages growth and they need sun. . . so I thought it was a bright fit.

How did I get started? So many people liked what I was making for gifts and for myself, that it just made sense. Plus, I've always loved customer service. What better thing to represent than my creativity.
~Thanks for answering those for us Rose!

A couple items Rose has made and is currently selling or has sold in the past that I'd like to highlight...

Blue is so in for this spring and I just think the scalloped bezel banding around this labradorite is just darling!  The teardrop shape sort of makes me think of the spring rains that are ahead, fresh and sweet.


This handstitched bib necklace is just gorgeous, just think how much work goes into one of these!  The pattern is all her own and would look gorgeous with any outfit dressed up or down.

Check out her whole Etsy shop here:
Find .sprouts. on Facebook and like her page:


.sprouts. will be a giveaway sponsor in my upcoming event called the Spring Buzz Giveaway Hop starting March 21st through the 27th so be sure to check back here.

Disclaimer: I purchased my own purse for review.  All opinions are my own.

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