Mama Nibbles: Review: Snuggletime Petjamas Plush Pillow Pet Toy Cover

Review: Snuggletime Petjamas Plush Pillow Pet Toy Cover

     Petjamas from Snuggletime are so adorable and the perfect solution when your child wants to take their pillow toy with them.  We finally gifted all three of our children with these adorable pets this past Christmas and they have been a favorite of the kids, never leaving their beds.  If they go somewhere overnight they want to be able to take their pets along but I always have said no because they could get dirty and the thought of washing them makes me cringe.  
     If you have machine washed a plush pillow toy before then you know how it turns into a giant wet sponge, your washer is strained and the pet comes out soaking even after a good spin cycle.  They take a long time to dry in the dryer, usually two cycles for me and it has to be on low so I don't ruin them.  Ugh! It is not a fun time.  I would rather just pull off this wonderful Petjama cover, wash it with my normal laundry and dry it, simple!  Now my children can carry their favorite pet along with them to grandma's or on vacation, it certainly helps them to sleep better when they have a favorite friend along.
     SnuggleTime is a newly created, woman-owned business offering the newest accessories designed specifically for Pillow Pets and other stuffed animals.  Their popular Petjamas go over your Pillow Pets and feature a handy handle as well as two soft pockets for your child to put things into.  They come in 8 different colors to match with any pillow toy pet.  They make some other really fun accessories for your plush pillow toys, check them out at the link below.  These would make a lovely Easter basket gift.
Meet Sparkles, my daughter's Pillow Pet
This is showing the opening where your pillow pet's head will stick out
There are two pockets, one on either side of the handle
This is the handle, it is really nice!
Sparkles loves her new Petjamas, plush animals can get dusty so I love that this is removable and washable.  My daughter doesn't care about the ease of wash part, she just loves how soft and cute it looks on!  Washing a Pillow Pet is not easy at all, it can get ruined in the wash, thank goodness for Petjamas!

Disclaimer:  Special thanks to Snuggletime for sending me the Petjamas to review.  All opinions are my own and getting a free product did not influence my review at all.
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