Mama Nibbles: Your Own Home Store - Shelf Reliance - Thrive Foods Pomegranite Yogurt Bites Review

Your Own Home Store - Shelf Reliance - Thrive Foods Pomegranite Yogurt Bites Review

     This Shelf Reliance website that I am highlighting is that of an independent consultant named Misty.  Her blog Your Own Home Store's main focus is helping everyone to be better prepared in any scenario of life.  She sells Shelf Reliance products and if you have never heard of them you can >>CLICK<< here to learn more.
     Your Own Home Store has been doing a Survival Kit Series every week since 9/30/11 and there will be 26 weeks total but then once the series finishes Misty will start over again.  Each week she gives you tips and ideas on how to make your own 72 hour kit or bug-out bag.  You can find each week laid out right here:  I have found it to be extremely helpful because there are so many things that we may not even think of.  You can also comment on each post or just read the comments if you don't wish to participate, there are a lot of tips from other readers that are useful as well.  There is also a fun bonus for participation and that is that you can win some FREE products from Shelf Reliance!  Each week Misty chooses a random commenter to win their choice of one item:
  1. A 55 gallon water barrel,
  2. A Katadyn Hiker Pro Microfilter, or
  3. A Featherlite zero degree sleeping bag
  4. A $70 credit to purchase any emergency supplies you want from Shelf Reliance

Want to guarantee winning one of the above?  
Since building a survival kit is important, Misty wants to help make it easier for as many people as possible.  Anyone who tells others about this week by week survival kit series in at least 100 ways during the first 6 months of the series will receive their choice of the above.  You can share it:
  • on facebook (each post counts as one entry, so post often!),
  • on twitter (each tweet counts as one entry),
  • on pinterest (each pin counts as one entry)
  • by phone (each phone call counts as one entry),
  • by email (each person you email counts as one entry), or
  • on your blog / website (each post / mention counts as one entry).
     A form is available on each week's post for you to fill out and let Misty know just how many "shares" you have done.  Once you reach 50 she will contact you.  I myself have shared 100 times now and have loved the products I got to choose!  One product we chose was the yogurt bites, the flavor I picked was the pomegranate.  My kids ate those for snacks, I'd just toss with a handful of pretzels or raisins into a baggie and they had a nutritious trail mix snack.  Here you see them in the photo below just after I opened the brand new can.  These can also be mixed with water but we liked them dry much better.  The flavor is slightly tart but definitely sweet.  My children enjoyed them plain but I could not take the sweetness so I always mixed them with things.
     When we compared this 10# can containing 0.95 lbs or 39 servings (more like 60 servings when eaten dry and $34.49 on sale right now) to a similar item which only comes in a 1 oz bag with 4 servings (really more like 3 with a big toddler and at an average of $4 a bag) we found that the Thrive Foods can was a much better value!  If you do not open your other cans they will last up to 25 years!  If you do open them then they last for up to a year.  On our other yogurt bites brand it says they need to be eaten within 1 week.  The shelf life for Thrive Foods is outstanding and that is something I value.  Also, take at look at Thrive Foods Yogurt Bites natural list of ingredients:

     We really have enjoyed using Shelf Reliance products and I definitely recommend the yogurt bites, they do come in other flavors and you can find them all on the website:
     Be sure and check out Misty's blog and maybe join in on the preparedness discussion, who knows you may win something!

Disclaimer: I wrote this review out of my own free will, I was not compensated in any way nor was I given free product for the purpose of writing a good review.  All opinions are my own.
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