Mama Nibbles: Fire Pit Discussions

Fire Pit Discussions

Guest post from: Natalie Walter

While sitting around the outdoor fire pit at the country club with friends one evening over cocktails, the subject of a recent break in at the club was raised. We started talking about how the would be thieves walked in through an unlocked back door to the lower veranda and walked around the club searching or something to steal. It was obvious from the surveillance cameras that they had not been in there before because they appeared lost and without knowledge of golf shop, where expensive equipment is, or offices with computers. They passed televisions but didn’t touch them. The only way club staff knew someone had been here, prompting them to look at the cameras, was a pried open door to the golf shop, where they did steal some items and then pushed the door open from there and fled. We then turned our discussion to home security systems and how thankful we all are to have them. Some of us do not utilize them as we should but we know they are there and ready to be armed.
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