Mama Nibbles: Healthy Child : Helping us be Healthier and Happier #healthyspring

Healthy Child : Helping us be Healthier and Happier #healthyspring

     Tonight I attended a Healthy Child Twitter party.  I am new to learning how to be healthier with the products we use in our home, on our bodies and in our bodies.  There were so many things I learned about to help keep my family healthier...

-wool dryer balls
-making your own cleaners with baking soda, vinegar and lemons
-reading labels more carefully
-boycotting and asking friends to boycott products that contain harmful chemicals (like Tide, sign petition HERE)
-making my own bread
-asking guests to take shoes off so they don't track dirt and possible pesticides in my home

     Something that I was able to share was to use 1 cup of white vinegar in your laundry when you wash.  The vinegar helps release stains, set colors, soften clothes and it rinses clean leaving your clothes smelling like they should be!
     Something I plan to learn more about are soap nuts.  Last night I was reading helpful article and article about soap nuts and their uses.  Soap nuts are inexpensive and much healthier than normal detergent.  I am so excited about them, I want to find some to try out very soon.
     I am just so excited about Healthy Child Healthy World and what they are doing, it is really amazing!  Please make sure to read my post about them and enter to win a party kit valued at $300.

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