Mama Nibbles: Holland and Barrett Manuka Honey for Natural Healing - Earth Day

Holland and Barrett Manuka Honey for Natural Healing - Earth Day

     Children are quite accident prone and my children are no exception.  My 6 year old is always tripping over himself and scraping his poor little knees on the pavement when he is playing outdoors.  All those scrapes and cuts can leave little scars and as a mother I want to help those injuries heal as quickly and painlessly as possible.  I have found something out there that is as natural as you can get and that is Manuka Honey from New Zealand.
Manuka Blossoms -photo from Wikipedia
     I never knew it, and most don't, wild Manuka honey is actually a natural antibacterial!  I had never heard about it until recently but I really think it is simply amazing.  Manuka honey is made from wild shrubs in New Zealand.  Basically the beekeepers set up their hives in the middle of nowhere, out in the wild uncultivated areas of New Zealand where these Manuka bushes grow.  Because the area is so undeveloped there are no pollutants that could taint the honey.  Manuka honey is not only good as a healing salve on wounds externally it can actually help your body internally.  I even read that this special honey can help to cure stomach ulcers and increase your energy!
     In favor of Earth Day I think that everybody should know about this amazing honey.  I'm trying my best to use more natural products and what is more natural than honey PLUS honey has almost an endless shelf life.  Typically Manuka honey is rich and dark in color with a very strong flavor.  I can't wait to try it and hope you will too.

-This post is in assocation with Holland and Barrett.

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