Mama Nibbles: Burger King New Menu Items Review #MyBlogSpark

Burger King New Menu Items Review #MyBlogSpark

     Since 1954 BURGER KING has been committed to offering great-tasting, fire-grilled food.  Over the past nine months, BURGER KING has created and tested more than two dozen new products and they are committed to providing you with the products that are best-in-class and true to their heritage of great taste.
     My family and I were sent a little gift card from BK through My Blog Spark to try out some of the new menu items.  I drove to my local BK and went through the drive-thru because I had two kids along and did not want to have to take them inside, we would just take our food home to my waiting husband and other child.  My order took a long time, way too long in fact.  I waited in line for over 30 minutes only to get cold food and a not so friendly send off by the order taker then on my way out noticed a lot of garbage in their parking lot.  So I emailed BK about my bad experience, it was the longest I'd ever waited for 'fast' food before so it was troubling to say the least.
     Not long, maybe a day or so later I was contacted via email with the number of the district manager of the store I'd been to.  I called her immediately, she was very pleasant and wanted to help make the situation right.  I guess they had been having trouble learning all the new menu items and that was making them slower.  I can sympathize, I've worked in food service before so I wanted to give them a second chance.  The DM was so nice on the phone and she told me to come in whenever I wished and she would have her manager replace my order.  I was thankful that she was so easy to speak with and she really cared about her customers.
     So the next evening I went inside the store, this time leaving the kids home with daddy.  I placed my order and received it in a fair amount of time, all accurate and all hot and/or fresh.  The manager and employees were very helpful and even helped me carry my bags to my car for me.  Their parking lot was cleaned up and looked very neat.  The location I ordered from could still use some cleaning up inside, the counter was sticky with some caramel colored substance on it where I had placed my hand by mistake.  The interior could use some elbow grease but all in all I was satisfied with my time there.   I took my bounty home to my waiting family and here are our thoughts on the new items we ordered the 2nd time around...

Tropical Mango Smoothie- The smoothie had a very nice texture, was thick but not too thick.  I liked the mango flavor but felt like it lacked the fresh tartness that you get from eating a fresh mango.  Point being, this did not taste fresh to me.  My children did all enjoy it but that is not saying much, they like anything that is sweet.
Mocha Frappe- I absolutely 100% loved this!  The creaminess of it was outstanding, the deep rich coffee flavor was perfect and there was just the right amount of sweet chocolate and whipped cream to keep me coming back for more.  I would get this beverage every day if I could, the only thing that could make this any better was if it came in an even bigger size!
Ranch Crispy Snack Wrap- The all white meat tenderloin chicken was very tender and meaty.  We loved how thick the tender inside was and the breading had the perfect amount of crisp.  The lettuce inside was fresh, the cheese was flavorful and the Ken's ranch dressing had the right amount of zip to make this the best snack wrap I have ever had.
Chicken, Apple and Cranberry Garden Fresh Salad- This salad will fill you up!  Just have a look at all that beautiful grilled chicken on top (left salad in photo).  I'm a fan of vinaigrette and Ken's makes a really great fresh tasting version that really complimented the cranberries and apples nicely.  This is a very fresh tasting salad indeed.  One thing that I did not like was the bleu cheese, I felt like it was too sour and would have preferred a more mild goat cheese crumble instead. (maybe that is too expensive for BK though)
Chicken BLT Garden Fresh Salad- Yum, BACON...need I say more?!  Yes indeedy, BK hit the nail on the head with this tasty salad.  We loved Ken's Avocado Ranch dressing, it was silky and absolutely the most amazing dressing to pair with this bacon and chicken salad covered in sweet tomatoes and red onions.  I could have done without the cheese but that is just me my husband loved it.
     So there you have it, you can eat a bit healthier even at a fast food joint. 
If you would like to visit BURGER KING and follow them via social media then check into the sites below.

 “Disclosure:  The coupons, product information has been provided courtesy of Burger King Corporation through MyBlogSpark.
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