Mama Nibbles: Dollar Tree Spring Cleaning Challenge - Simple Underwear Dispenser Idea

Dollar Tree Spring Cleaning Challenge - Simple Underwear Dispenser Idea

     For the past four years I have always been annoyed with how messy my daughter's underwear drawer was but I couldn't find a solution!  I would carefully fold each pair and put them in the drawer but in a couple days it would just be a big jumbled mess all mixed together with her socks and undershirts.  As she grew and sizes went up I began to notice how the small drawer was not able to fit all the socks, undershirts and undies.  I needed to move her underwear somewhere else but there wasn't any place for them to go.
     I was shopping in Dollar Tree yesterday and I saw the perfect solution!  Hanging on the edge of a shelf was the Grocery Bag Storage and Dispenser for only $1.  The strap on the top is the perfect size to go around a closet rod and the dispenser holds all her undies plus room for more.  This was the perfect solution to my organizational problem.  Now this undies dispenser hangs in her closet right in with her clothes and I don't have to worry about folding them anymore, I just stuff the clean undies into the top so she can pull them out from the bottom everyday.  I have added one to each of my children's closets and we just love them.  This is the most simple project ever!

*Tip* Could be used for socks as well.
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