Mama Nibbles: My Dirty Jobs Complete Heavy Duty Stain Remover Review

My Dirty Jobs Complete Heavy Duty Stain Remover Review

     Maybe you have seen the popular tv show on Discovery channel  featuring Mike Rowe called Dirty Jobs?  If you have not you are missing out for sure, it's really one of my favorite shows to watch in my spare time.  Our children even like to watch some of the episodes along with my husband and I, it's a learning experience.
     On the show Mike devotes his time to finding the dirtiest jobs in America and boy does he not disappoint!  Some of the things he gets himself into are down right gross.  I have often wondered how he gets anything clean after he is done shooting.
     I myself have days when the tub is encrusted with dried muck, the kid's laundry looks and smells like they rolled around in a pile of dead animal carcasses and my first instinct is to just give up!  I hope I'm not the only one that sometimes feels this way.
     The only thing that can make it all better is a dynamite cleaning product that can power away the smells and stains.  I have some faves of course, there are products that I keep on hand at all times because I can trust them to clean up the most terrible messes my family can cook up.  I have fairly high expectations of each product that I use -- they MUST work or out in the trash they will go and I don't fool around, nope!   When I buy any type of new cleaner I am usually testing it out the minute I walk in the door.  I want to see if my money was spent wisely, to see if the product works like it says it will and I have fun doing so. 
     When I got my package of Dirty Jobs Complete Heavy Duty Stain Remover I was a bit excited.  The green package is pretty cool, the handle is easy for me told hold even with my weak hands and of course the picture of the ever so handsome Mike Rowe did not hurt at all hehe.  I liked that the top could come all the way off or you can just pop open the corner a little bit.  I like that there are really great and easy to read usage instructions on the back of the container.  I even found comfort in the makers claims on the website that told me this was unlike any other product on the market right now.  What I did NOT find was that the product actually worked and met my expectations which I have admitted are high...
     Simply put, Dirty Jobs Complete Heavy Duty Stain Remover did NOT clean stains away for me.  I followed the instructions, I made sure to do exactly as I was instructed but for some reason I was only met with failure.
     My first project was a freshly dirtied pair of undies from one of my children.  Kids sometimes are not the greatest of wipers, we all probably know that and if you didn't well now you know (yes I even keep flushable wipes at the toilet).  Obviously I cannot share a photo, that would be so wrong but I can tell you that these undies were new and only washed once previous and this stain was treated the same day it was made.  I prepared a paste of the Dirty Jobs Stain Remover and water, applied it to the stain and let it set for a minute before tossing it into my washer on a warm cycle with cool rinse.  I waited until the whole cycle was finished to pull them were still stained.  And this is the same type of stain that my old trusty spot lifter has gotten out time and time again so I was disappointed to say the least in the Dirty Jobs product.
     Next day...My tub was filthy last night, it had a ring of dirt and a couple stains.  When my kids play outside they carry a lot of dirt back with them so I am used to it by now.  I mixed a solution like the package said, water and the product into a spray bottle to spray on the tub and then wait.  So I waited a handful of minutes, gave it a little scrub with my trusty tub scrubby but still there were the stains.  So now I moved on to making a paste.  I was hoping the stronger paste would remove the stains, so I let it set for a minute or two then gave it another little scrub and a rinse.  NOPE, still stains!
     Okay so after this I was kind of sad, I had great hopes and I thought this stuff would work but really it is just a bunch of hoopla.  My usual tub cleaner of vinegar and baking soda does the job so why can't this product?  I would not recommend this product, it does not do what it claims to do and I feel bad writing this but it is the truth and I would not post otherwise.  I guess now I can use the heavy container as a nice door stop...that way I can look at Mike's cute photo every day (sorry hubby lol).
     Just because I had a bad experience does not mean you will, maybe I got a bad batch or maybe my stains brought this stain remover to it's breaking point.  All I know is, you gotta try it yourself and see.

This product and more can be found at:

In this photo the lighting changed in the 'after' so it looks brighter but really it is not at all, still dingy and stained.  The loose dirt was carried away but not the stains. You are looking at photos of my bath tub.

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