Mama Nibbles: Ally's AromaRemedies Review - Sponsor Spotlight Summer Solstice

Ally's AromaRemedies Review - Sponsor Spotlight Summer Solstice

A bit about Ally's AR   
Established in 2008, Ally’s AromaRemedies is dedicated to sharing the natural healing power of aromatherapy through personalized attention and use of the finest ingredients from around the world. Whether you are a long-time devotee of aromatherapy or trying it for the first time, Ally's AromaRemedies has just the thing to improve your health and wellness – naturally.

Ally’s AromaRemedies was founded by Ally Kuo, Certified Aromatherapist and enthusiast of natural herbal remedies. Ever since discovering the amazing effect that natural oils and herbs had on her own health, Ally has dedicated her life to sharing this special knowledge with others. Backed by this passion and knowledge, Ally’s AromaRemedies can help you find the health products and services that fit your unique needs and lifestyle.

Ally's AR is one of my Summer Solstice event sponsors and Ally has agreed to giveaway a $100 gift certificate to her website to one lucky Mama-Nibbles reader.  Look for this event to begin on June 18th.

My thoughts...
     Ally's helpful suggestions and expert advice helped me choose the oils that I needed to help my body feel better.  The oils we decided on for my review were Lavender Pillow, Detox Ale, A Girl In Need and Mellow Melody (pictured above).
Lemon Verbena Hysrosol
I already owned her Lemon Verbena Water and fell in love.  I use the lemon verbena hydrosol on my face daily and I find that it helps to tighten pores and makes me feel relaxed and ready to tackle my day plus it smells amazing with it's light fresh lemon scent.  Sometimes my husband will steal it to use as an aftershave.
Lavender Pillow
Lavender Pillow is and amazingly effective relaxing oil that I just dab onto a cotton ball to stuff into my pillow case before bed.  This works especially well when I am all wound up and need to relax so I can fall asleep.  You can also use it on a diffuser but a cotton ball does the job for me.  Lavender Pillow is my insomnia cure.
Detox Ale
I use this on my sore muscles in the middle of a hard day of working on my yard or I take it with me in my purse when I know I am going to be walking a lot.  Detox ale helps to soothe my body and relieve muscle tightness and soreness.   I love how this smells, fresh and invigorating to help me finish out my day.
A Girl In Need
I suffer from severe Dysmenorrhea and Menorrhagia every month and have since I was 13.  This is extremely painful and hard to deal with so anything that helps me during my time of the month is welcome.  I talked with Ally about my condition and she emphatically suggested this particular oil.  I am so glad she did because much to my disbelief it helped to calm my pain and made me feel a lot better during my period.  I just rubbed a couple of drops onto my lower back and belly twice a day.  The oil had a slight warming sensation for me which relaxed my painful period cramping plus it made me feel like I had some energy thanks to its anti-depressant properties.  This helped me out SO much, what a blessing!  I didn't even have to take my usual pain pills.
Mellow Melody
This oil is something that everybody should own.  I am a multi-tasking mommy who dabbles in a little bit of everything all at the same time and this also adds to my crazy insomnia.  This gives my insomnia that extra kick that I need so that I can fall asleep peacefully and stay asleep all night long to wake up refreshed in the morning.  My husband helped me out the other night and massaged my shoulders, neck, arms, legs....pretty much my whole body lol.  I have never felt SO relaxed and calm!  I never relax all the way during a massage, I'm tense and it makes the massage hurt...this oil is amazing.

Ally's AR has created a special coupon code for Mama-Nibbles readers!  Use coupon SummerSolstice for 20% off valid from 6/9 12AM CST to 6/26 12AM CST.

You can find Ally's AromaRemedies @

I was sent product as a gift to help facilitate my review.  All opinions are my own.


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