Mama Nibbles: Protecting Your Home - Lifeshield

Protecting Your Home - Lifeshield

     Not so long ago our home was robbed.  We had developed quite the bad habit of never locking our doors when we left because we thought we lived in a completely safe neighborhood.  Another reason was because we knew all of our neighbors and many of them were home most of the time so we knew there were eyes watching.  The day our home was robbed obviously noone was keeping an eye out...we were stupid and we paid dearly!
     The day of the theft my husband left to drop our middle son off to school around noon, thankfully he took the baby with him and our oldest was in school already.  I had stayed up late the night before and so I was taking a nap with earplugs in, our bedroom is just off the family room.  The thief basically just walked right in the front door, walked through and took everything of value that was in sight and then he walked on out the other front door and nobody even saw him.  My neighbor across the street said she saw the guy knock on my door so she went down to lock hers...she noticed he was gone...she had no clue he was inside my home.  We lost so much including my engagement ring, our insurance deductible was so was heartbreaking and I did not sleep for months after that. 
     If only we had thought to get home security or buy alarm system!  There are so many companies out there that offer some great options.  One of those companies is  I hope this post helps someone decide to protect their home, take it from someone who lost is important.

This post is a paid opportunity provided by BFPR.
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