Mama Nibbles: Mom VoxBox 2012 Review

Mom VoxBox 2012 Review

     What is a Voxbox?  Well they are a free box of products that Influenster sends out to a chosen group of people to test,review and keep.  You can sign up at  Be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook to find out when boxes will be released.

     This is my 1st Voxbox and it's just meh for me.  I would have been more impressed and had a better experience with reviewing if all the items were full size.  I also felt like this box was just random items, the only item I'd really want as a mom would be the tea.  It's always fun to get something in the mail though so at least there was that.  Inside my box I received the following items:
  • Ivory Bar Soap
     I had no idea what to do with the soap bar, who really uses bar soap anymore?  I have used this soap in the past when bar soap was still "in" and it really dried my skin out, left a nasty film on it and I had a slight allergic reaction of sorts to it.  Our family doesn't and so I stuffed this in a pillow case and threw it in a dark corner of my bat cave basement to help freshen it up since the Ivory soap bar had such a heavy scent.  ETA: I did try it out, still had the same issues as in the past...burns my skin!
  • DenTek Comfort Clean & Fun Flossers
     Our family already does use the flossers from DenTek so those were nothing new, we really like how convenient they are and tossing a couple into my purse is really easy, they are nice to have around and really who wants to be talking and later find out they had spinach in their teeth?   
  • Stash Tea Superfruits Tea Sampler and Nektar Sweetener
     Stash Tea Superfruits Sampler was absolutely delicious, I am a tea lover and would totally recommend this to anybody.  The Nektar Sweetener was decent.  I already use another honey crystals brand that are much better so if I compare the two, Nektar was kind of week in flavor.
  • Quaker Soft Baked Cookie
     I looooved the Quaker Soft Baked Cookie!  The cookie I received was all smashed up and kind of on the dry side but still, it was tasty and nothing a tall glass of milk could not fix.  These cookies are a great source of fiber and when I am not feeling like baking my own I will buy these for the family.
  • imPRESS Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails
     I felt like the imPRESS nails were made for an infant, the nails are much to small to fit on a grown woman's nails!  I was sent a bright purple color and there would be no way in hay I would be caught dead wearing that color.  I gave the nails to my 8 year old daughter who tried them on and within 24 hours had 4 fall off...48 hours later they were all off and it's not like she is rough with her hands in any way.  These were a big disappointment.
  • Lingo Dino Language Learning Programs for Kids (demo dvd) 
     The language DVD was absolutely terrible.  I wish it could have been better but it seriously sounded like a little kid was screaming into a microphone when they did the voice-over LOL!  I turned it off immediately and it will probably end up in the trash. 
*So that was my 100% honest experience with the items I received.  These items were free through Influenster but that did not in any way sway my point of view. 

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