Mama Nibbles: #WIN Cleaning Products by Dapple Baby 2012 NCW Eco-Excellence Awards Winner

#WIN Cleaning Products by Dapple Baby 2012 NCW Eco-Excellence Awards Winner

Dapple - Winner of the 2012 NCW Eco-Excellence Awards! 
     Dapple makes a line of natural cleaners for homes with babies and kids.  Dapple products are made with ingredients found in nature that have the ability to take on the icky sticky kinds of messes that all little ones have the ability to create.  Dapple was founded by two moms who just wanted to be able to clean up after their own babies in a safer, healthier, more eco-friendly way.  Dapple Baby products were recently voted as the winners in their category for the 2012 NCW Eco-Excellence Awards!  The NCW Eco-Excellence Awards have been created by Natural Child World Magazine in partnership with Healthy Child Healthy World and Project Nursery.

     First we tried dapple surface cleaner spray with lavender.  This spray is for highchairs, toys, the car seat...pretty much anywhere you want to use it to get that the baby goop up.  I like the lavender scent, no LOVED ♥ the lavender scent!  The strength of the scent was absolutely perfect in my opinion, it was intoxicating to me and made me want to find more items to clean...seriously!  One plus that sometimes cleaners forget to have is that the spray nozzle can be twisted around to either be on, off, stream or spray.  Being able to control the nozzle was a huge plus to me because sometimes I need to just stream the stuff all over my messy dried on yogurt messed high chair and then there are times where I only need a quick mist for a small toy.  Another plus is the bottle size.  It comes in a 16.9 fl oz bottle which is just the right weight for my tired hands and plenty enough spray to get me about 1 month's worth of cleaning if used twice per day.  The shape of the bottle makes it easy to hold and the clear plastic makes for a really pretty bottle to just leave out by my kitchen sink, it's not an eyesore at all to me.  The best part about this simple cleaner is that it is not an antibacterial cleaner, it is simply kin to good old soap and water which really is best for helping our babes to build up a stronger immune system.  The ingredients that make up this cleaner are so simple and they do not include any of the bad stuff such as parabens, dyes or phthalates.  Ingredients: purified water, cleaners from fruits and tree oils, pure baking soda from a natural ore, French lavender essential oil, and natural dispersant.  The price for this is not too hard on the pocket book at around $4.99 per bottle.  I will be making this product a staple in my home because mommy needs at least a bit of relaxation and this lavender spray really does calm my mood.

Next up are travel size dapple pacifier wipes.  These are food grade and come individually packaged in that little box you see to the left so that you can toss them in your purse or bag for on-the-go use.  Ten of these babies come in a pack and they go for around $2.99.  So when you are at the coffee shop showing off your little cutie to your girl friends and suddenly your little one spits their paci or teether toy out onto the dirty floor, it's as easy as 123 to grab a wipe, rip open and swipe it over before handing it back to baby.  These handy wipes are unscented and of course, very safe for using to wipe a little face or hand too.  The price and quality is actually very comparable to other brands of wipes and those are not all biodegradeable or made to be as gentle.  The ingredients are: purified water, vegetable glycerin, disodium phosphate and monosodium phosphate (two salts derived from natural ore), lauryl glucoside (cleaner made from tree oils and glucoside).  I opened one wipe the other day but ended up not needing it and it dried out but not to worry, all you need to do is moisten it up with a bit of purified water and you are good to go.  These sure do beat rinsing and are especially handy when there is no sink nearby!

*Happy sigh* dapple laundry detergent (50 fl oz or 32 loads).  I tested this out to it's fullest!  My child (almost 2) is always up to no good when he is eating or playing lol.  He gets messes where the sun doesn't even shine and it's a rough game trying to find products that can clean his clothing up.  This detergent is fragrance-free which I like and it is available in little travel size packets.  The travel size are SO nice to have!  I do always take an extra outfit along when we go away because I am expecting my little nugget to make a mess...he never disappoints.  Having a small little packet of detergent means I can hand wash his little mess in the sink, preventing set in stains or smells thus saving me $.  The sweet handle on the side of the bottle is easy to hold while pouring into the handy measuring cup cap and the weight of the bottle is not so much that I need a crane to lift it!  This powerful detergent cleans up stains like nobody's business, it washes away poo smells and it is very mild.  Mild enough to even use on your cloth diapers.  Dapple detergent is suitable for newborns, toddlers and even adults suffering from eczema. The price is not to shabby, this sells for around $8.99 a bottle.  Best plus - leaves clothes fluffy, fresh and soft without using harsh chemicals.

Next up is dapple baby bottle & dish liquid.  I own a lot of dishes for my nugget that cannot go into the dishwasher so handwashing is my only option.  The dapple dish liquid I tried out is fragrance free and made from baby safe ingredients such as baking soda and tree oils.  I do believe this comes in lavender too.  The pump on the top is the best thing ever!  I can't even begin to talk about how many times I have wished for my dishsoap to have a pump!  When I am rushing into the kitchen to quickly wash up a sippy cup it's nice to be able to just give a quick push of the pump onto my scrubbie, to not have to fiddle with pulling up on a small cap just to squirt it.  Such a small action but it can be frustrating sometimes especially when I've just had my nails done, don't want to chip one!  Same as the spray, the clear bottle is so nice to have near the sink and is not an eyesore at all.  I've noticed that milk can leave a little residue in my son's cup but this dapple liquid gets rid of it very effectively.  There was actually one time that some orange juice sat in a sippy for a little too long.  It got a bit ripe and I was afraid I'd have to throw the cup out but after a little soak and scrub with my dapple liquid there was no smell to detect at all.  Wonderfully the cup was saved.  Dapple dish liquid comes in a 16.9 fl oz bottle and it goes for around $5.99 for the bottle.

Last but certainly not least I reviewed dapple fragrance free and lavender surface wipes which can be used for high chairs, toys and just about everything else you can imagine.  The wipes come in a nice big can which I love to keep next to my kitchen table for quick cleanups.  They also come in a travel size pack that is great for the purse or glove compartment.  I have used these many times on my son's car seat.  When we are on long drives he does eat a snack in his seat and sometimes it goops up the straps.  The wipes help clean that mess up.  Again I am probably a lavender addict so I loooove the lavender scent but the unscented work just as well.  The wipes work just as well as the spray.  I think I prefer the spray more than these wipes but that is a personal preference of course.  The ingredients in these are the same as the spray, these are food grade just like everything else and of course biodegradable.  You can wash your little nugget's cheeks and fingers and not have to worry, it won't harm them.  The canister holds 35 wipes an the travel size holds 20.  I have seen a can that has 75 count canister online that goes for around $7.  The 35 count canister sells for approximately $4.99 and the travel pack goes for around $3.49.

Dapple Presents: Healthy Child Healthy World's 5 Easy Steps - Step One: Avoid Pesticides:

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*I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.   
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