Mama Nibbles: A Bench Made From an Old Headboard & Stupid GPS!

A Bench Made From an Old Headboard & Stupid GPS!

     So I was reading one of my favorite blogs called Garage Sales R Us and I came upon a recent post of hers where she did a whole makeover of her front entrance way for pennies on the dollar.  It inspired me to try and do the same to my drab front entrance.  I absolutely love the bright colors she has chosen, it makes her entrance seem so welcoming and the colors really pop.  I decided I would start with the headboard bench so off to search for a good headboard I went.  Oh and below is one of our front entrances.  Now that I am looking at a picture of it I know even more, it needs some help.

     If you have tried to search for a particular thing on Craigslist then you know just how hard it can be, like needle in a haystack or worse.  Craig needs to update his "list" from the dark ages.   I must have spent a total of 10 hours just searching for antique or vintage headboards on there.  I think a few hairs on my head turned gray.  When I finally came upon the perfect headboard that I had been searching for I nearly lept out of my seat!  The only thing was, did the seller still have my beauty? 
     I emailed the seller right away, I did not want to waste one moment.  The terms I relayed were simple.  I had a bunch of brand new Snapware containers but no money, they had a headboard and perhaps a need for containers that were worth far more than their asking price.  The trick with the Snapware was, I had gotten them all free with coupons.  Now this wasn't easy, let me tell you!  I had to jump into many a dumpster in the middle of the night to snatch up enough coupons to actually claim my free containers.  I had to cut all the coupons and then plan trips to the store, hoping nobody had cleared their stock out completely.  I had to drive pretty stinkin' far to find a store that had enough extras in stock for me to take home a large haul.  Then there were the funny stares, glares, and questions because I had a cart piled to the top and then some with Snapware.  Ahh the life of a serious couponer, you need thick skin.
     So I get a response back after I send it, they want pics.  I sent the pics and then after a short wait they said, "what the heck why not!".  YAY for me, I was floored.  I had finally traded away some of my huge hoard of Snapware containers.  That is part of the reason I got them.  So I borrow my hubster's cell because I do not have one of my own (I hate phones).  I type in the seller's address so I can drive there the next day.  I go to sleep that night dreaming of my amazing headboard.
     Next day, I am excited as I get all three of my children strapped into the van.  I click on the GPS Nav thingie on the cell and it tells me to turn out of my driveway and off we go.  After about 20 minutes I feel like we should have been to our destination already but the GPS tells me to get off at the next exit.  There is no arguing with the gadget, he must be right.  I get off and immediately it tells me to go back onto the highway.  So the darn thing repeats that scenario three times over and then I get worried.  I am told to drive 10 miles straight so I think maybe it was working again, we drove.  All of the sudden at the end of the 10 miles it tells me to make a U-turn and go back the way I came!  The GPS (which stands for giant piece of sh** in my head at that moment) is clearly bugging out on me and we are lost in nowhere land.  Some tears well up in my eyes as I imagine the sellers handing my beautiful headboard off to some other person who will probably just toss it into a wood chipper.  I started to panic at that moment and the kids were all complaining of being hungry plus one had to go potty really bad.  We had to pull over and go into the woods to use a bush, there was nowhere else to go!  Luckily I'm always carrying some baby wipes in the van.
     I decide to call my husband at work, he would be able to help me find my way.  So I dial his number and then wouldn't you know it, the phone beeps at me saying it will die soon.  UGH!  I hurried my hubs along, he helped figure out which way I needed to go and told me the turns to make.  He calmed me down and I regained my composure.  I love my hubby, he knows how to make me feel better.
     I drive exactly how he tells me and I am about 1 minute away from the house I need to be at but 40 minutes late.  The funny thing was, the GPS suddenly told me to "turn left" right as I get to their driveway.  I could have screamed at that point.  I hate technology sometimes!  Well anywho, the seller/trader was really friendly and they didn't seem to mind that I was late.  I made sure to apologize several times as I took my precious treasure.  I can't wait to turn this baby into a bench!  Below are some more ideas I found for benches while searching the web.  *sigh* felt good to slightly vent.

PS. I will update someday when I finish this little project.  I have many projects going on at the same time lol.


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