Mama Nibbles: Colorful Boys Bedroom Design Project - Thrifty

Colorful Boys Bedroom Design Project - Thrifty

     My goal for this summer was to swap our kid's rooms.  We live in a three bedroom home and hadn't really planned on having a third child when we purchased it 5 years ago.  So once our third child came along we had to double up the boys and put the mini crib in with our older son.  For some reason when I was making over their rooms (while I was pregnant with #3) the thought did not occur to me that we should have the kids swap rooms.  I blame it on the lack of blood flowing to my brain lol. 
     The room our daughter is in is a slight bit bigger and better situated to put two beds, the boys room is a funny size that can only hold one bed.  So now I am in a pickle, the baby can't stay in his little crib much longer, he will be 2 in a month and he really needs a normal size bed.  We are also potty training him and it has been slowed because he has no way of getting out of his crib if he needs to go at night.
     Since we are pinching pennies I needed to be able to swap them as inexpensively as possible.  Our journey began with washing all the walls in our daughter's purple room.  We peeled off her vinyl butterflies and flowers, patched little holes, pulled out nails and brought out the magic erasers.  I let the kids all help scrub with me, they loved it.  So once the walls were prepped we set out to Walmart with a gift card I had been sent for something blog related.  I do not shop there very often but I knew they always had a large selection of "mistake" paint available.  I wanted to get my hands on some discount paint if at all possible.
     The kids were balls of energy, being silly and hyper that day and I remember feeling a bit tired but that wasn't going to stop me from enjoying myself.  We made our way back to the paint department and there it was, this whole shelf filled with paint that people had returned for one reason or another.  I scanned over every can and there it was, the perfect putty grey in a semi-gloss AND it was the expensive paint that had primer right in it.  I snatched it up, at half price it was a steal and my gift card more than covered it.  I was also able to grab a new roller handle and angle brush.  I think I spent $14 on the gallon of Glidden paint and $10 on the handle and brush.
     Next stop was a local hardware store.  I had been mailed a $5 certificate to use there and I knew they carried a large variety of spray paint colors.  We wanted an avocado/ivy type green for our desk.  The desk came from a thrift shop for $15.  So I found a spray paint that included primer in it, that was the perfect thing, I bought two cans for $3 out of pocket.  I already had half a can of clear gloss from a previous project, that would be the top coat.
     On the way home we passed a Dollar Tree.  I decided to pop in and see if they had any frames, well yes they sure did!  I found hundreds of frames in this particular store, it was a huge one.  I chose several random frames in different shapes and sizes.  My plan was to paint them with some acrylic paints in really bright colors.  I've had the same big bottle of acrylic paints for a few years now and I use them all the time.  Acrylic paint is awesome, it lasts forever and costs barely anything.  So I spent $7 on the frames.
     I almost forgot about the cool desk chair!  I found a really great "boy" chair (as my son calls it).  The chair is a brown plastic with metal legs that have wheels.  I spent $5 on the chair from another local thrift shop.  It fit so perfectly in the desk but the best part about it is that it can stand up to use by my boys, it's really sturdy.

     So that is what we have done so far.  Next up is building beds!  Here is some of my inspiration as I move on, you can find these on my Pinterest page:
DIY- three-level bunk beds but I'd just skip that top level, too dangerous!Perfect for the boys!Car PrintSew a monster blanket for the beds using this as inspiration.Add bookshelves to the sides of dresser! Great way to save some space!Felt Monsters
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