Mama Nibbles: Playing With Makeup - Looking Good in my 30's

Playing With Makeup - Looking Good in my 30's

     I have never been much of a makeup person but lately I've been wanting to play around with it.  Maybe it's because I will be 31 soon and I am beginning to notice slight signs of aging in my face.  Or maybe I have just been wanting to look a bit better and hide the lack of sleep under my eyes.  Whatever the reason, it sure is fun experimenting!
     I recently discovered that there are some great makeup tutorials on YouTube.  These help people like me who have no clue what they are doing.  The gals that do these make it so simple to create a look.  I've noticed that a lot of them use expensive makeup and brush brands.  Anything over a few dollars is not in this mommy's budget so I have stuck to the freebie CoverGirl stockpile I've accumulated along with a few cheap sale items, I used coupons!  My cheaper makeup still works and gives as good of a result as the expensive stuff.  I've even found really nice Elf brand brushes that are between $1-$3 each at my local Meijer store.  So basically anybody can look really amazing and you do not have to spend a fortune.
     One video I found is a video from Carah Amelie - The Beauty Destination from her Eye Color Series called Makeup For Blue Eyes.  You can watch it below.

      I had a really fun time learning how to apply eyeshadow and liner and it made my blue/green eyes pop.  I had initially searched for a good makeup tutorial so I could look better for a family photo shoot we just had with a friend.  I'm so happy I found her tutorial and I highly recommend trying one out for yourself.  I will continue to experiment with my makeup and hopefully be able to wear it almost every day.  See my results:
You can find Carah's channel and subscribe>>
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