Mama Nibbles: Working at a 9-5 Pace

Working at a 9-5 Pace

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My prized mug which is usually filled with hot tea or ice water

My quaint Mama Nibbles work space, yep that is Tookies as my wallpaper!

Five Jobs I’ve Had

1. Cashier and waitress at a fish restaurant
2. Office cleaner for a huge complex
3. Cashier at a local grocery store
4. Deli worker at grocery store until I cut my finger then I moved to the cheese wall
5. Bread baker for a local family owned place
How many times have you been fired?
How many times have you quit?
Well obviously I quit them all because I don't work there anymore lol
Did you go to school for any of the jobs you worked?
I went to school at the Sechia Institute for Culinary Education so I guess the baker position was easier due to that
Worst job you ever had?
I hated the office cleaning sometimes.  There were rude people that would do their business on the floor of the bathroom instead of the toilet.  They got their giggles from it but for me it was sick and I was only getting paid like $5.50 an hour back then.  I hated the bathroom cleaning part!
Best job you ever had?
Best job was working at the fish place.  I loved the owners and my boss and they loved me.  I can't even remember why I quit.  I was in highschool though so I guess life just got busy then since I played sports.
Dream job?
Working for myself.  My blog is a really fun way to do that and I really enjoy it.  I don't make much money though lol.
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