Mama Nibbles: Fall Flowers and Spring Bulb Care w/ Miracle-Gro

Fall Flowers and Spring Bulb Care w/ Miracle-Gro

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     I am always enamored by a pretty bloom.  I love their scent and intricate parts, how each one is unique and beautiful.  Spring bulbs are one of my favorite things to plant, mostly because they require little effort.  A few tulip bulbs here, a couple hyacinths and crocus there.  In my area it’s best to get my bulbs planted in the early days of September because the ground is nice and warm.  It’s best for them to get well established in the ground before the freezing temperatures and snow arrive. I love Fall gardening.
     To care for my bulbs it’s best to mulch the bed a month after planting with a 3- to 4-inch layer of hay, straw, or shredded leaves.  This will allow the soil to stay warm enough for the bulb roots to get established and will protect tender bulbs from freezing injury during winter, especially if the snow cover is sparse.  We have three very large trees in our yard so finding leaves to mulch is never a problem.  I have found that the Scott’s Miracle Grow Company makes a great variety of mulch colors that hold their color longer than most others.  Their mulch is also great to fill in around my shrubs and rose bushes.
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Find beauty in the Fall-
     The other day on Pinterest I found a gorgeous idea using a pumpkin and some mums.  All they did was hollow out their pumpkin and cut a hole in the top big enough to fit a potted plant.  They chose some colorful mums.  I am going to do the same idea for my front porch using Miracle-Gro Potting mix.  Their mix is ideal for all kinds of potted plants.  It already contains Miracle-Gro continuous plant food and organic material to keep the plant healthy and strong.
Check out the Miracle-Gro Facebook page for more ideas on how to keep your garden beautiful for Fall.
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