Mama Nibbles: How has someone blessed you?

How has someone blessed you?

I was reading a thread on Facebook today, it was about nice things people have said to you and that made me remember the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me...

     Almost 8 years ago I was a week over 8 months pregnant and little did I know I would be told I had preeclampsia a week later and be rushed into delivery to give birth to our first child, a beautiful 8 lb 9 oz daughter.  I was standing in line at my local superstore grocer waiting to pay our utility bills, my husband worked two full time jobs and could not make it himself to get the bills paid.  We had to pay them at the store because they had a special direct pay situation set up for convenience sake plus we did not have checks or debit cards back then.  If we waited one more day they would be late...again.
     So I am standing there waiting for over an hour.  It was just after New Year's Day and 25 people ahead of me were returning gifts.  I was in pain.  Every bone in my swollen pregnant body was aching and when it was finally my turn in line I was told I had waited at the wrong line and needed to move over one register.  The cashier did not offer to let me go ahead of the 15 people in the other line.  She just told me to move to the back of the line.  I begged her, "Please let me just pay my bills here, I waited so long" but she refused and pointed over.  So I go to the back of the other line and within one minute I was bawling, and the tears were falling down like rain.  Noone seemed to care or they were all just too uncomfortable to do anything or ask me if I was okay except for this one lady in the front of the line.
     This lady saw me crying, she rushed over to ask me if I was okay and then gave me the warmest hug ever and told me "Everything will be fine".  I was so overwhelmed with thankfulness.  This complete stranger had compassion for me and that is not something you see too often anymore.  The woman helped me to the front of the line, asked if I could cut and then handed me the money she had just gotten from her holiday returns.  The money was not much but it felt like a million dollars in that moment.  She pressed it into my fist and told me to buy the baby something, she then hugged me again while a garbled "Thank you" slowly made it's way from my lips. I will never forget that moment and the impact her kindness had on me.  I only hope that someday in my lifetime I can be even more of a blessing to someone else.

How has someone blessed you?


  1. what a beautiful story. I got teary reading it!! It's wonderful to hear of someone's random act of kindness and to hear that because of that you will look for your turn to pass it on.

  2. So sweet! Thanks for sharing Heidi:) Your blog looks great too!


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